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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Well, THIS could sure could be an interesting strategy to pursue, it has the ability to make the ruckus over Tom DeLay's redistricting ploy sound like the most melodious of perfectly pitched, shiny orchestral triangles

Montgomery eyes revenue from state with a new census

This quiet, riverside town is growing so fast it's costing the village money.

That's why the Village Board this week approved an agreement with the U.S. Census Bureau to conduct a special census only a year after completing the last one.

By officially adjusting its population, Montgomery will be able to receive more money from the state's revenue-sharing program.

Seems that a matter of moeny is going to easily trump a matter of redistricting when it comes to ballot issues at election time, and just watch what this will do with the census on a yearly basis as opposed to a once a decade procedure

The village and the Census Bureau are in the process of hiring enumerators to conduct the survey beginning in January. The results are expected before the 2005 fiscal year ends on April 30, and the additional revenue would be available in fiscal year 2006. The village expects to follow through on last year's prediction of annual or biennial censuses in the future.


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