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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Once Again, Rightwing=Cowards

In this case specifically, BitchBully Laura Ingraham, BitchBoi Sean Hannity, and just plain Bitch Ollie North

These W-fawning, ivory tower elitists and moral relativists have the nerve, the gall to accuse the press in Iraq of not showing us the good side of the daily carnage & violence

They blather about journalists who post their dispatches from "balconies inside the green zone", while trhey themselves rarely venture to Iraq outside that same green zone, and they certainly NEVER travel ouside the supposedly safe areas with lots of bodyguards and firepower

In short, all those on the right criticizing the lack of good news from Iraq are nothing but ChickenHawks to the same character and degree as their Glorious Leader, W

How many times have these worthless fucks griped and complained everytime funding for veterans benefits is cut by this Administration?

So here's the challenge for these human parasites, these ticks, these vermin

Take a look at this picture of someone who DID operate outside the Green Zone, CBS cameraman Paul Douglas, then blather your nonsense to his loved ones, his family & friends

Of course, they won't do that, that would require actual courage, a trait and quality seemingly in permanent short supply with the rapidly dwindling number of True W lackeys


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