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Saturday, October 01, 2005

The liberal schadenfreude for this Texas boy has caused happy dancing into orbital overdrive ever since the GOP stumbled all over itself after seemingly having everything all sewn up on election night 2004

I remember how furious I was that night, especially with the crowing & gloating President Jr's voters-As I hadn't said that Kerry would win, even though I DID say he probably would-I didn't have to eat my words, which left me free to point out that the W voters had better enjoy that night, as the GOP was about to get hit with lots of negative publicity

But Good Christ, I had no idea just how MUCH bad publicity the GOP was heading towards-and we'll look at those scandals soon enough here, as you almost need a program to follow the legal and ethical corruption

And right at the top of my political hate list is the bug man himself, Tom DeLay

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And here's how Tom DeLay fared in his last Re-Election Effort

"Mr. DeLay easily won re-election to his 11th term in Congress in 2004 against a relatively unknown and poorly financed candidate named Richard Morrison. But his 55 percent of the vote was far below the 65 or 70 percent he had received in most previous elections. And he spent $3.1 million, against Mr. Morrison's $685,000, to hold on to his seat"

Nice job Tom, and that's BEFORE you were under indictment

Also looks like you're taking Hit

"Our task, then, was to make it the end for him, and not the Republican House majority or the conservative movement in power. In this, we failed. It is not a failure we were forced into: it is one we embraced, and hence one we deserve."

After Hit

"If DeLay is right that the indictment was politically motivated, then he has finally received a taste of his own medicine. DeLay has used his position to crush Democrats at every conceivable opportunity, and he has overstepped ethical bounds to do so. DeLay wields power for one purpose: to enrich and empower himself and his allies.

"Even if the indictment is entirely meritless, DeLay is an embarrassment as a majority leader. His mania for power and disregard for good government reflect poorly on all Republicans. Because House rules forced DeLay to step down as majority leader, House Republicans have a rare opportunity to replace a leader who has shamed the party with one who is more concerned with passing good laws than humiliating his political opponents. They should take it."

After Hit

"Rep. Jeb Bradley, R-N.H., says he will return $15,000 in campaign funds from former House majority leader Tom DeLay's political action committee."

After Hit

"The problem, rather, is that Mr. DeLay, who rode to power in 1994 on a wave of revulsion at the everyday ways of big government, has become the living exemplar of some of its worst habits. Mr. DeLay's ties to Mr. Abramoff might be innocent, in a strictly legal sense, but it strains credulity to believe that Mr. DeLay found nothing strange with being included in Mr. Abramoff's lavish junkets.

"Nor does it seem very plausible that Mr. DeLay never considered the possibility that the mega-lucrative careers his former staffers Michael Scanlon and Mr. Buckham achieved after leaving his office had something to do with their perceived proximity to him. These people became rich as influence-peddlers in a government in which legislators like Mr. DeLay could make or break fortunes by tinkering with obscure rules and dispensing scads of money to this or that constituency. Rather than buck this system as he promised to do while in the minority, Mr. DeLay has become its undisputed and unapologetic master as Majority Leader.

"Whether Mr. DeLay violated the small print of House Ethics or campaign-finance rules is thus largely beside the point. His real fault lies in betraying the broader set of principles that brought him into office, and which, if he continues as before, sooner or later will sweep him out."

Congratulations DeLay, your jerkoffery has brought you to present woes, and it could NOT happen to a nastier bastard than yourself


  • I think Delay should pay for his crimes just like anyone else. As far as him being a republican, so?

    I am not responsible for what he does. I never voted for him and even if I did, I can't control what he does. I am sure there are liberal politicians who have crossed the line. Are you and your fellow liberals responsible for them?

    By Blogger Wolfmate1, at 9:24 AM  

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