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Friday, December 09, 2005

The following link is from a site that this blog links to, and it's a must read on a daily basis, Pam's House Blend

I hadn't yet gone on a major rant bashing on Gay Bashing groups & individuals, but that changed with the letter she got from one Pete LaBarbera, one of the theological wingnuts I refer to as the Modern Day Pharisees.

Pete decided to get snarky & smug with Pam, and Pam ended up giving lil' Pete a verbal & rhetorical BitchSlapping of most satisfying proportions

Check it out before going further, it will make more sense that way

The Willfully Ignorant Jackasses Bray Again

Increasingly, the homophobic 'tards are ratcheting up their pathetic attempts at making life as miserable as possible for gays, hence the spiteful insistence on trying to get gay marriage, civil unions & domestic patrnership benefits all outlawed now, while they still wield political power

These phobetards know their view is on the way out, logic dictates that the gaybashing Modern Day Pharisees, led by renowned Cartoon Haters James Dobson & Jerry Falwell be mocked, repudiated, scorned & made fun of mercilessly, so as to speed their inevitable demise from the march of history

All these theolgical wingnuts know how to do in the name of their faith is to bully unwilling others, and pitching a royal hissy fit if every facet of their faith isn't lauded above all others

The Modern Day Pharisees screech that homosexuals want "Special Rights", not "Equal Rights"

Well, someone wants "Special Rights", but a closer look at the claim shows it's not gays

If you're gay, you're expected to fulfill your social obligations in the forms of taxes, yet you're not allowed to share fully in the same rights guaranteed other taxpayers, namely, the right to same sex marriage

That's called "Taxation Without Representation"

Funny, I always thought the wingnuts thought taxes were a bad thing, guess that applies only when it's the Modern Day Pharisees tax-exempt lifestyle choice

Looks to me like the Religious right wants their Free Speech rights to be subsidized by those they bash on a constant basis, those they bash for wanting societal rights to go with their societal burden tax-wise

Now one of the more interesting points Petey brought up was

Yes, the IML was and is, in my view, a grotesque event worthy of being exposed. Dare I say that you, too, would be highly offended at some of the activities that are "tolerated" there-such as a booth for the "Waterboys"-men who urinate on and in one another for sexual pleasure? (I'm presuming you find that heinous and deeply disturbing-please correct me if I'm wrong.) So, yes, we walked through the IML vendors' room, and wrote about it. This sort of muckraking journalism-although ours was just a web article--has been going on for years in America......You may disagree with me about the "leather" movement, but surely you would not argue that the subject is not controversial. If you disagree with me, why don't you defend the IML activities (warning: the fact that they are "consensual" is hardly a persuasive argument), rather than making puerile attacks against people like me who oppose and expose them?

Now, I have just one question for LaBarbera

With this much exposure to a lifestyle you obviously find perverse, how are you somehow magically immune to the same so-called "influence" you say others are so quickly corrupted by?

And really, the fact that you made repeated trips to "investigate" this behavior shows you're far more lacking in discipline than anyone else you condemn

And that's another thing Petey could answer, just why is it homophobes think about two men having sex far more often than any gay or bi person I know?

Why such a deep fascination for that which disgusts you Mr LaBarbera?

The faith of the homophobic 'tards is especially weak indeed, with entry into Heaven dependent up stigmatizing & condemning others for the most petty of reasons

If God is wondrous enough to create the Universe and all time, why would something so trifling as a person's sexual orientation be such an outrage against the all-powerful God the Modern Day Pharisees CLAIM to worship?

Pete, it was people like you who made high school an absolute living hell for one of my best friends at that time

My friend got tagged with the "fag" moniker when starting the 7th grade, and until the day he graduated, he was sexually assaulted on an almost regular basis

I was book smart, not street smart, and as such, was too stupid to see the signs of the hell he went through, and it's a shame that I've never forgotten once I understood what happened

In the end, my friend triumphed over those thugs focused on their own selfish desires, underwent a sex-change and is now much happier as a result

That courage, Mr LaBarbera, is what will doom your weak & parasitic faith to the rubbish heap of history where it properly belongs. The courage that comes from facing down willfully ignorant slugs like LaBarbera on a regular basis, and it's an unfound courage in any of the UnChristian Modern Day Pharisees, or their political & media lackeys

Of course, the wingnuts can be entertaining, in the same way that a dog dryhumping it's waterdish is entertaining, as witnessed in the example of the Gay Games "UnWelcoming" proclamation by 5 GOP County Commissioners

The five Republicans on the county board withdrew their names from a routine proclamation welcoming the 2006 Gay Games to Chicago......The Illinois Family Institute is urging Democratic commissioners to do the same......"There's a big difference between tolerating and celebrating homosexuality," said Peter LaBarbera of the group. "For governments to be using taxpayer money and big corporations spending money to sponsor this, we think the average Joe sees that as being just a little bit off."

And speaking of "being just a little bit off"

Why look who's right in the middle of some extremely stupid & empty-headed arrogance, it's Peteyboi LaBarbera

Not to be a spoilsport, but one of the idiots who took LaBarbera's advice ends up looking like a complete imbecile/moron

The Cook County Board of Commissioners approved the ceremonial proclamation without opposition last month as one of a group of routine measures......"I must have been out of the room" when the proclamation came up, said Tony Peraica, one of the five Republicans on the 17-commissioner board.

"I must have been out of the room"

Pete, is someone this vacuous-albeit entertaining-REALLY who you want to have as your political muscle in ANY way, shape or form?

Not only the courage mentioned above will vanquish the likes of LaBarbera to the past, but also the pure "dumb as rocks" willful ignorance shown by so many homophobes

I have not yet heard ONE rational, economically-justifiable, coherent, logical or positive reason gays shouldn't be allowed to marry, all I've seen are hatreds based on the most irrational of prejudices

No one's ever explained how Gays marrying would take money out of the pockets & food off the tables of unwilling others

In short, there is no reason-other than a hatred based on weak religious faith-the homophobes should be allowed to inflict their misery on unwilling others, and what riles up the Modern Day Pharisees is that society is moving away from their petty hatreds

The grip of those like Mr LaBarbera & his ilk is slipping off the levers of political power, and the Modern Day Pharisees know their days of political supremacy are rapidly drawing to a close

All this fuss about these initiatives that would roll back existing protection for Gays, and ban all manners & forms of social recognitions, it's just the most empty & hollow of rhetoric

When the Supreme Court struck down ALL anti-sodomy laws with the Johnson decision, it struck down the basis for all physical prohibitions against same sex marriages

And the young of every generation become more tolerant of homosexuality & gays with each passing day, and the Religious Right, the Modern Day Pharisees & the US Taliban shrieks as it loses more members to the real-world, where sexual orientation is no reason for anyone to get worked up

So to the Modern Day Pharisees

You've Lost

Game Over

Deal With It Now Or Deal With It Later, but you WILL deal with it


  • That's an awesome rant. I love that "I must have been out of the room" guy. Pete's running with the Big Dogs, huh.

    By Blogger Pam, at 6:27 AM  

  • I agree with Pam...awesome rant. Thanks for the link to her blog, another voice to check out ever morning.

    I wish you were right but it looks like the wing-nuts are going to vote on gay marriage in Mass and if they succeed will turn over 1000's of gay marriages. Those people are sick, sick, sick!!!

    By Anonymous Susan, at 1:13 PM  

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