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Friday, December 30, 2005

It's always fun to watch one group of homophobic retards fuck up another group of homophobic retards by being on the same side of the issue

Put THIS story in that grouping, and the sentiment expressed is one that EVERY homophobe with access to a camera, pulpit, microphone & audience needs to either agree or disagree with the repulsive sentiment emanating from an Iowa KKK Chapter

Iowa klansman wants protest of gay marriage

A Charles City man who said he's a member of the Ku Klux Klan is trying to organize a rally next month to protest attempts to legalize same-sex marriages in Iowa.

Douglas Sadler, 41, said his efforts are prompted by lawsuits filed earlier this month on behalf of six gay couples this month to alter the state’s marriage laws.

‘‘We don’t believe God’s law should be perverted any more than it already has been,’’ said Sadler, a Charles City resident and father of four. ‘‘The further we go away from God’s law, the further we get away from God.’’

Um, hey, DUMBFUCK, I don't think Jesus looks askance at the same groups you obviously have a problem with, and if anyone can point out in the New Testament just where Christ used the terms "faggot", "kike", "nigger", "honky", "spic", "chink", "cracker", "trailer trash", and "papist"-among others-I'd surely be obliged to publicly correct my misreading of said text

Sadler's stupidity is SO overwhelming that he's not content with merely one sinful strike against his weak faith & willfully ignorant mindset, nope, he's both homophobic AND racist

Somehow, as opposed to racists who hide their true feelings from public view, there's something to be said for someone so willing to put himself in the most rabid light publicly, makes it really easy to be part of any "usual suspects" rounded up or looked at whenever there's a gaybashing OR hate crime perpetrated

‘‘We don’t believe they have the right to marry,’’ Sadler said. ‘‘In fact, we don’t think they have the right to exist.’’

There's your wedge issue against the hard right, that sentiment ought to be expressed as part of what the GOP at the National Level is all about these days, catering to theological thugs & Cartoon Hating Wingnuts like Jerry falwell, Pappy Dobson, and their diseased & verminous ilk, Fred Phelps & Sun Myung Moon

They should be asked if that sentiment agrees with their beliefs, "yes" or "No", NO mealymouthed answers that try to satisfy all sides of the issue allowed or tolerated

It's time for the GOP & their theological wingnut base to start justifying their hatreds with something other than weak faith and willfully ignorant attitudes, arguments that can't be backed up logically, factually, economically, morally or ethically in any way shape or form

It also bears pointing out the obvious hypocrisy of tax-exempt organized religions spreading their message while subsidized by the taxes of unwilling others who differ in their religious lifestyle choice

Using the money of evildoers to spread the word of God is apparently not hypocritical in the least in God's Eyes

These most dim of wits, these most dumb of fucks, aren't so stupid they're blind to the fact that they know their time of political power is rapidly drawing to a close, and they're unable to stop that march towards progress & equality

The Modern Day Pharisees are on the wrong side of the issue, and they know their view is about to be very properly relegated to History's Rubbish Heap

For Another Rant Against The 'Phobe 'Tards, Peter LaBarbera in particular

And for a GREAT catchphrase that makes 'Phobe "Tards also look lazy AND Stupid at the same time.....

"I Must Have Been Out Of The Room"

Now THAT'S a Punchline


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