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Monday, March 13, 2006

It's really amusing to watch Dear Leader W's former supporters now sprinting away from the clueless putz masquerading as the current US President

With Conservatives like Buckley, and neocons like Fukuyama now turning their backs not only on W, but also the neocon movement in Fukuyama's case, it's as if the rightwing has finally realized just what a horrific anchor President Jr is when it comes to dragging the entire neocon movement under the waves

And in that respect, Melissa SHREDS not only the conservatives, but the Dear Leader at the same time

Just So Brutal

Bush was your Golden Boy—a corporate shill with the demeanor of a country bumpkin, who could hold together the unholy alliance between Big Money and Big Religion, standing at the altar and giving the blessing to the crackpot marriage between the business interests who sought to get rich off the stupid sods who marched in lockstep if only someone would protect the children from radical feminists and kissing boys. He didn’t just give good speech on Neocon dreams and working class nightmares; he believed that shit. And with a GOP-led Congress and a neverending stream of media mouthpieces willing to demonize anyone who dared to dissent, he tumbled headfirst into fulfilling every last one of your wishes, like a demented genie pulled out of a bottle in oil-soaked Texas.

He wrapped himself in the flag and told America to follow him down the Yellow Brick Road. He went to war, and he made you rich. And you cheered him all the way, over every last golden cobblestone. Then America got to Oz, and started getting itchy—and now you want to pretend you never knew what was there. Why, we had no idea there was just some shriveled old man behind the curtain! Please.

Let’s get real for a moment. Conservatives believe the free market and privatization is the solution to all our problems. Conservatives believe in social Darwinism. Conservatives believe in defense, defense, and more defense. And maybe, once upon a time, conservatives believed in privacy rights, but once you invited social retards into your Big Tent to give your corporate agenda the momentum it needed in the voting booths and supported the notion of a unitary executive, you relinquished your claim to that forever and ever, amen. You can’t now try to distance yourself from Bush by retreating to some retro definition of conservatism and accusing him of not meeting it. You championed that redefinition when it suited you, and now you’re stuck with it. You can’t have it both ways.

There are now twice as many billionaires in America as there were four years ago, and in the time of their making, we have seen soldiers die, felt our rights be stripped away, watched an entire American city drown—saw those for whom conservatives have the greatest contempt turn to their government for help in a time of crisis and quite literally be left stranded by the callousness of conservative philosophy. And all the while you wailed about how hard you’ve got it, and now you want to wail some more that your principles have been betrayed by Bush.

Yep, Dear Leader W is ALL yours neocons, now do the right thing and start paying the financial costs endemic for backing such a clearly incompetent hack unable to perform to the effective or efficient manner so clearly above President Jr's natural mental abilities


Slobodan Milosevic is definitely worth mentioning here, as this is probably the dictator & operatives the Administration most clearly resembles

Milosevic used the Government & his office to run a huge criminal enterprise, which is EXACTLY what the current US Administration is doing as well

Why is it the ONLY thing President Jr's leadership has excelled in is rewarding campaign contributing cronies & industries?

Louts, worthles, vile, looting louts

That pretty much sums up this Administration and anyone still backing it


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