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Monday, March 06, 2006

The Thinnest Of Skins-Part 2

We had fun with B.O'R before, and now it seems public mockery has somehow given O'Reilly the bizarre impression that he actually has self-aggrandizing legal powers

Now, apparently, just mentioning certain names on the air is enough to infuriate the pompous ass himself, and to the point that he actually tries to intimidate callers to his radio show, by promising that since the show has their phone numbers. then members of Fox Security will not only be calling those listeners back, but that B.O'R's crew will also get in touch with local police depts as well

As the video points out, is O'Reilly REALLY saying that members of Fox News-B.O'R's Employer-Security also act as the security for his radio show?

As it turns out, that calling of the local cops-IF it's happened-can only blow up in BOR's ultra-media-whore face

A GREAT video, Keith Olbermann just completely demolishes the Over-Wrought Fop himself yet again

The 3rd definition is the one that fits B.O'R perfectly


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