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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Zarqawi's Death Won't Make A Difference In Iraq

As we saw with the capture of Saddam Hussein, the violence level in Iraq will not subside with the death of Zarqawi-if he's really dead

Undoubtedly, the Administration will play this up, and just as undoubtedly, within a short time, the glow will wear off with the next suicide bombing that kills multiple civilians, or the next IED that kills US Troops

Zarqawi's death will not automatically equip all US troops or their vehicles with enough efficient body & vehicle armor

This will not stop the IED attacks

This will not suddenly result in the finding of the lost $9 Billion the US can't account for in Iraq

This will not bring back one single Iraqi civilian killed since the conflict began

And since Zarqawi wasn't unleashed until this war based on flat-out lies was brought about, then I see no reason to celebrate the death of the monster we helped bring about, not when bringing forth that monster was responsible for so much misery, pain and anguish for people already brutalized by the US Backed Saddam Hussein

Celebrating will not change all the damage wrought by the invasion and the unleashing of the monster in the first place

No Iraq invasion, then no people beheaded by Zarqawi, and no troops underequipped with enough efficient body & vehicle armor killed with IED's

This will not magically end the spiraling violence, nor will it bring the US Troops home one minute sooner

In short, killing Zarqawi will not justify invading and occupying Iraq in the first place, it will only serve to remind everyone that the real gangster, the one who gave the go ahead for the September 11 strikes, Usama bin Laden, is still free and walking around

This is a very pyrrhic victory-at best-for the Administration


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