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Sunday, July 23, 2006

W Panders To The "Have & Have Mores", All Other Taxpayers Get ROYALLY Shafted

Perhaps no other term perfectly sums up W's sense of unjustified entitlement than "Financial Parasite"

And nothing, absolutely nothing, shows W's true sense of Blueblooded priorities and "screw the peasants" mentality than the following article

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I.R.S. to Cut Tax Auditors

The federal government is moving to eliminate the jobs of nearly half of the lawyers at the Internal Revenue Service who audit tax returns of some of the wealthiest Americans, specifically those who are subject to gift and estate taxes when they transfer parts of their fortunes to their children and others.

The administration plans to cut the jobs of 157 of the agency’s 345 estate tax lawyers, plus 17 support personnel, in less than 70 days. Kevin Brown, an I.R.S. deputy commissioner, confirmed the cuts after The New York Times was given internal documents by people inside the I.R.S. who oppose them.

The Bush administration has passed measures that reduce the number of Americans who are subject to the estate tax — which opponents refer to as the “death tax” — but has failed in its efforts to eliminate the tax entirely. Mr. Brown said in a telephone interview Friday that he had ordered the staff cuts because far fewer people were obliged to pay estate taxes under President Bush’s legislation.

I see, so, using that same "logic", when violent crime rates go down, we should get rid of laws against violent crimes, that's what Brown seems to be postulating here

And let's use proper terminology, refer to it instead as the "Paris Hilton/Grateful Heirs" Tax, as proper terminology is something the W lackeys hate dealing with on a constant basis

But six I.R.S. estate tax lawyers whose jobs are likely to be eliminated said in interviews that the cuts were just the latest moves behind the scenes at the I.R.S. to shield people with political connections and complex tax-avoidance devices from thorough audits.

Sharyn Phillips, a veteran I.R.S. estate tax lawyer in Manhattan, called the cuts a “back-door way for the Bush administration to achieve what it cannot get from Congress, which is repeal of the estate tax.”

Mr. Brown dismissed as preposterous any suggestion that the I.R.S. was soft on rich tax cheats. He said that the money saved by eliminating the estate tax lawyers would be used to hire revenue agents to audit income tax returns, especially those from people making over $1 million.

Interestingly, this idea is contradicted by the very next paragraph

Mr. Brown said that civil service rules barred the estate tax lawyers from moving over to audit income taxes. An I.R.S. spokesman said that the agency had asked for permission to allow such transfers twice, but that the Office of Personnel Management had not responded.

So, the obvious solution is to hire those estate tax lawyers as auditors then, but somehow, I'm guessing that's NOT going to be the policy or practice that actually comes about

Estate tax lawyers are the most productive tax law enforcement personnel at the I.R.S., according to Mr. Brown. For each hour they work, they find an average of $2,200 of taxes that people owe the government.

Mr. Brown said that careful analysis showed that the I.R.S. was auditing enough returns to catch cheats and that 10 percent of the estate audits brought in 80 percent of the additional taxes. He said that auditing a greater percentage of gift and estate tax returns would not be worthwhile because “the next case is not a lucrative case” and likely to be of relatively little value.

And once again, Brown flat-out lies or tries to ignore the following inconveninet truths

That is a change from six years ago, when the I.R.S. said that 85 percent of large taxable gifts it audited shortchanged the government. The I.R.S. said then that it would hire three more lawyers just to audit taxable gifts of $1 million or more.

Over the last five years, officials at both the I.R.S. and the Treasury have told Congress that cheating among the highest-income Americans is a major and growing problem.

These slugs and parasites who got rich in this society did NOT do so courtesy of their talents alone, they had societal help in builiding up their wealth, and they should be more than happy to give back to the same society that enabled them their riches in the first place

The six I.R.S. tax lawyers, some of whom were willing to be named, all said that clear evidence of fraud was pursued vigorously by the agency, but that when audits showed the use of complicated schemes to understate the value of assets, the I.R.S. had become increasingly reluctant to pursue cases.

The lawyers said that the risk analysis system the I.R.S. used to evaluate whether to pursue such cases gave higher-level officials cover to not pursue tax cheats and, in the process, emboldened the most aggressive tax advisers to prepare gift and estate tax returns that shortchanged the government.

“This is not a game the poor will win, but the rich will,” said John Hruska, another I.R.S. estate tax lawyer in New York who, like Ms. Phillips, is active in the National Treasury Employees Union, which represents I.R.S. workers.

Colleen M. Kelley, the national union president, said: “If these lawyers are not there to audit the gift and estate tax returns, then a lot of taxes that should be paid will go uncollected, and that impacts every taxpayer who is paying their fair share.”

This President and Administration are pushing our country into 3rd World status as quickly as possible, in the absurd belief that no one will get more irate than disheartened

Unfortunately for them, the vast majority of citizens are onto what an Imperial Presidency is actually costing their pocketbooks

This Administration has bankrupted this country while making us less safe from another terrorist attack on US soil

This Administration has treated those under the helmet and behind the trigger as nothing more than the most easily disposable and quickly forgotten of resources while financially rewarding those who supplied our troops with contaminated water, spoiled food and inefficient body & vehicle armor

This Administration has tried to paint ANY dissent or protests of it's pro-death policies as unpatriotic while at the same time raping the US Constitutional guarantees of executive-branch oversight

This Administration has been so quick to saber rattle regarding nuclear capabilities of nations not to it's liking, while at the same time, proposing new non-proliferation treaties with NO mechanisms for verification because, in the Administration's view, "that could take years to negotiate and that U.S. officials thought it better just to sign the treaty and rely on countries to abide by it."

There's has NEVER, in US history, been a more spectacularly incompetent crew of spoiled brats running this country into the ground, and it's far past time they were held legally accountable for their absolutely unconscionable & brutal policies, for their view that losing an entire US city, on W's watch, is no big deal, worthy only of the most hollow, base rhetoric, but NO real Administrative action or muscle to not only rebuild New Orleans, but also ensure that all it's evacuees can come back to their now-abandoned homes

The US political system can ill afford the already bloated ticks in the White House drawing even more blood from an already weakened body politic for much longer

The sooner these thugs and criminals in this Administration, starting with the President, are locked up for long, harsh prison sentences, the better off our country, and Constitution will be

Permanent Public Disgracement along the lines of that which attaches itself to slimy scumbag Sen Joe McCarthy is the ONLY appropriate punishment for these freedom-hating, terrorist loving radicals running this country into the ground


  • So when are the American People going to do something about it? I know more and more people are getting irate. I guess we will find out at the election polls. The democrats better offer up someone good. The independents probably could take this one easily. I would love to see it happen.

    By Blogger AMYADOPTEE, at 6:02 PM  

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