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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Just when one thinks there can't be ANY more fuckups concerning Katrina, along comes THIS

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Families Lose Loved Ones Again -- in a Bureaucratic Mire

When he could finally leave his post guarding a nuclear power plant after Hurricane Katrina struck, Richard George Reysack III sped east of New Orleans to the flooded home of his 80-year-old father. Slogging through the muck, he found his father's corpse face-down in the hallway.

As devastating as that discovery was, at least Reysack had the body. Then even that was taken away. The authorities who moved the corpse to a temporary morgue not only won't return it to Reysack for burial, he said, they won't even confirm that they have it.

Reysack's family published an obituary and held a memorial service — all without a body.

And the article gets more infuriating as it goes along

There's just NO excuse for this abysmal fiasco, not when both the state and federal officials are apparently withholding bodies from loved ones


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