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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Damn Straight, The Good Guys Are On Our Side, we're right, they're wrong, and there's no positive or logical way for the shrinking band of true W believers to realistically deny it now

John Hits It Out Of The Park Again

Even more evidence now that Bush is caving to terrorists and political pressure and is planning to reduce a significant amount of US troops from Iraq next year.

The sad part is that he's only doing this because of the political pressure, and not because he thinks the job is done. What will result is that we will have even fewer US troops to do an impossible job - they're talking about still leaving 100,000 there next year - and those troops will face even more chaos and more danger, with fewer fellow service members to watch their back.

So, basically, in order to save his political behind, Bush will put even more US soldiers in danger by trying to split the baby in half. And, within days of Dick Cheney suggesting anybody advocating a troop pull out is a coward and emboldening the terrorists (even though most of the folks we're fighting in Iraq aren't terrorists, but are actually Iraqis we've pissed off), Bush is now proposing the same thing.

So, when will the media ask Dick Cheney why he thinks Bush is a coward who enables terrorists?

Hey, let's look at the bright side, maybe now there will be enough effective body & vehicle armor to go around for the remaining US Troops

Which will, of course, be offset by the stepped up attacks the insurgents are sure to mount against a numerically depleted force with longer & slower convoy lines that will be even easier to attack now than they were before

Mission Accomplished Indeed!


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