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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Reprinted, more or less verbatim, from a post I put up at the court tv forums

This has got to be one of the absolutely SILLIEST Campaign Swings-EVER!

Pt 1-All About Count Cartaxula

Pt II-Road Trip

Part 1 The Gov shows his sympathy for those caught in gridlock by getting deliberately stuck in gridlock himself, a move no doubt comforting those stuck behind the Gov's political caravan

Earlier Wednesday, Schwarzenegger boarded his bus at the height of the morning rush hour in Sherman Oaks, leading a six-vehicle motorcade on the 38-mile drive to Long Beach. He wanted to illustrate what to many Southern Californians is an indisputable point: Traffic is bad......"Hopefully we'll get stuck in traffic," the governor said.....Wish granted. At times the caravan did no better than 25 mph.

Bravo, a true winning strategy for those waiting at your next campaign stop, set it up so you DELIBERATELY run late

Part II-On top of the World, erhhh, Garage

But, when considering where that appearance should be at, how smart is it to accentuate everyone's traffic anger by focusing on the unGodly parking rates?

In Long Beach, Schwarzenegger delivered a speech to several dozen supporters atop a parking garage overlooking the port. He said 37 million Californians are squeezed into a transportation system built for two-thirds that number......"No wonder people are upset," he said. "Because they're stuck in traffic every day rather than being home with their families.

Perhaps that description accounts for the following

Part III-The Public interacts with the Governor

As the bus stopped at one point, a passing motorist yelled: "Get out of here!

Ah yes, another priceless campaign trail moment indeed

I can picture the motorist shaking his fist at Gov Gropenator when yelling

I can't wait to see what's next on the Goofy & Surreal Tour '05


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