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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Wow, Reid drops a nuclear bomb on the Senate GOP by insisting & receiving a Private session, and just blows their Supreme Court gloating all to complete hell

That Rule 21 is a BITCH

And with barely a full day of GOP gloating about how infuriated the libs would get via Alito's nomination, Reid bitchslapped the GOP with a parliamentary move that completely caught Frist, Rove & The GOP off guard

There were even conspiracy theorists that blamed Reid's move as the ultimate of marketing ploys, an attempt to help a book by Joe Wilson, the guy who initially called this Administration on it's obvious lies used to take the US into invasion & an increasingly disastrous Iraq Occupation

Since the invasion the GOP has covered up & tried to smear critics of it's ever shifting invasion rationale as being unpatriotic, free speech only appeals to the terrorists is the rallying cry of a shrinking group of those who still believe, at face value, this Administration's increasingly desparate claims

Thousands of US troops killed, maimed & traumatized

Tens of Thousands of Iraqis killed, maimed & traumatized

A full country with a seething anti-US insurgency that now operates as the largest terrorist training camp in the world

$6-8 Billion a month & rising

A domestic agenda with what was going to be the Crown Jewel in W's tiara, Privatizing Social Security, now deader than the most doorish of nails

Rule 21 can be sought for & received with only two dems needed, which means that the GOP's threats to yank the filibuster from use during the judicial nomination floorfight just got a lot less worryworthy

Because, the dems are threatening to pull Rule 21 EVERY day to force the GOP into providing oversight-as opposed to a blank check-for the Administration, Frist & Co were left wondering just what mack truck had run down their corrupt, cover-up obsessed asses

For all the years of the Bush Jr Administration, the GOP has obstructed any possible oversight of the White House on a staggering array of issues, foreign policy, environmental, labor & pension, financial industry oversight, defense contracting, homeland security, and, looming over everything else, the Iraq Occupation

And regarding supporting the troops, since it's obvious that President Jr & Don Rumsfeld had absolutely NO problem sending troops into battle without enough body & vehicle armor, then they bear just as much responsibility for every soldier killed, maimed & traumatized as the seething & ever-expanding Iraq insurgency does when exploding IED's

In two instances, this Administration has put selfish desire ahead of keeping this country & its people safe from attack

President Jr's desire to oust Saddam Hussein was stronger than his desire for justice on behalf of those attacked here on September 11, resulting in a free pass for President Jr's multimillionaire brother in arms & ideology, Usama bin Laden

Benedict Rove & Lewis Libby's desire for political payback outweighed allegiance to the US public by outing Valerie Plame and exposing her entire network of operatives, domestic & overseas, all operating for the single purpose of tracking & disrupting the transfer of WsMD to rogue regimes, groups & individiuals

Thanks to an insane practice of wartime necessities subordinated to political reprisals, Rove & Libby have put this country at greater risk of an actual WsMD attack on US soil now than existed before they spitefully smeared Joe Wilson through destroying his wife' s career, and should such an attack be carried out, bear as much direct blame as any group launching such an attack

By their treachery, Rove & Libby made it much harder to recruit & cultivate the spies & double agents necessary to running a country

Because this Administration is filled with people unable to show even the slightest bit of self-discipline or self-restraint, the country's physical security has been weakened for the most arrogant of reasons

For over 5 years, the GOP has given the Administration a complete free pass on any subject the White House wished covered up or removed from public purview, and for over 2 years US troops & Iraqi civilians have paid a price for a war waged on the basis of flat-out lies, a deliberate policy no citizen wants to believe possible of their government, but with nothing more obvious now than how deeply the GOP & White House desparately want to avoid a very well-earned Day of Reckoning

And the timing was a masterstroke on Reid's part

Just when President Jr thought he'd gotten the discussion where Rove wanted, off of his travails, just when his latest pandering to the Modern Day Pharisees was engendering much hard right gloating about the shellacing the libs were about to experience, just when the GOP thought the widening-downward-spiral-of-bad-news corner was turned, Reid, seconded by Durbin pulled out the Parliamentary Playbook and used a move the Republicans were too short-memoried to see coming, even though they'd used it themselves when impeaching Clinton

With this one move, Reid shoved Rove's betrayal right back in his face, as publicly as possible, and doing it nuclear style, the way Rove is so used to dispensing, but not at all enjoying being on the business end of such tactics lobbed his way

With this one move, Reid forced the GOP & Bill Frist in particular into a humiliating defeat years in the making,

And when Reid claimed to act in the name of the US people, that must have caused various neocon heads to explode from sheer rage

Rule 21 is how you treat any group that threatens to yank the filibuster option from any judicial nomination consideration, threaten, as Durbin said, to pull this ploy on a daily basis, and that kills off any so-called "Nuclear Option" from any realistic point of view

There's so much Schadenfreude at the GOP's expense here, and it gets better when considering one very key fact about the Alito nomination

With Bill Frist under active SEC investigation over charges of Insider Trading & Stock Manipulation, there's no way he can effectively marshall the Alito nomination through the entire confirmation process, and the more involved he gets while the investigation is ongoing, the more he undercuts any future political options other than that of the Urban Myth, how in this case Frist probably couldn't get elected Dog Catcher

And for the Modern Day Pharisees so spoiling for a rough fight with the libs over the Alito nomination, lets just remember what happened when the GOP & the Modern Day Pharisees tried to advance a disgustingly extreme agenda at the expense of Terri Schiavo in the guise of a warped set of "Family Values"

The public was overwhelmingly upset, and let the Modern Day Pharisees know their efforts were NOT wanted or encouraged by nonbelievers

Remember, the Modern Day Pharisees W's pandering to so shrilly are SO far out of the political & social mainstream that they see some vast, nebulous "Gay Agenda" on the part of cartoon Characters like SpongeBob SquarePants

Seriously, they think this fight will result in the vast majority of the US public rising up in vociferous support of an agenda previously rejected via Terri Schiavo

And there are Senate hearings tomorrow concerning Jack Abramoff's role in suppressing a Dept of Homeland Security report, and since his clout was truly enormous, the damage he will inflict on the GOP machine is going to be deep, severe & longlasting

Thanks Harry Reid for giving us a huge boost at the GOP's expense, for myself, it was greatly appreciated


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