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Thursday, January 05, 2006

In the post immediately below is an editorial written by Paul Schroeder about his son Augie, whose life ended on his 5th mission to clear the Iraq town of Haditha of insurgents

There is now a possibly VERY disturbing twist to this story

Information Suggests 3/25 Marines May Have Been Betrayed

Reports surfacing about the death of 20 Brook Park Marine reservists indicate that the Marines may have been betrayed.


The families of those who died are being told that on Aug. 1, six Marine snipers from the 3/25 were killed, and it appears they were set up and ambushed.

Two days later, 14 Marines from the 3/25 were sent to arrest the insurgents who killed the snipers, but their vehicle was blown up, killing all of them.

It now appears that they also may have been set up.

And here's what Mr Schroeder had to say

Paul Schroeder said his son's fellow 3/25 Marines told him something that the military never told him, how Augie was killed Aug. 3 while trying to capture the Iraqi insurgents who had killed the snipers.

"They were set up. Someone knew where they would be, how they would be, and they went after them," said Paul Schroeder.


What we have heard from Marines is that the six snipers who were killed on Aug. 1 were set up," said Schroeder.....Paul Schroeder said his son and the others were also betrayed by Iraqi forces who were supposed to be working with the Marines......"The two incidents of Aug. 1 and Aug. 3 are tied together, all in an effort to get insurgents who were either part of the Iraqi security forces or who were told by Iraqi security forces where they had their opportunities," said Schroeder.

If the allegations of betrayal are true, that means either it was someone close to their unit, or an insurgent had gotten close enough to someone with access to that information

Schroeder's horrific loss of his son Augie has galvanized him the same way Casey Sheehan's death galvanized Cindy Sheehan, and expect to see him press hard & publicly for a fuller accounting of the circumstances surrounding his son's final moments

Schroeder said, "The Marines I have talked to, which are many, believe the story of what really goes on in Iraq needs to be told in its entirety."


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