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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

From Mia Culpa, Desi has the goods on this latest Wartard Jedi Mind Trick that attempts to shut up all us anti-war Bush Bashers

Enter the 'Midwest Heroes.'

We should all just respectfully, and dutifully shut up since they have loved ones in harm's way, or have lost family members in the war, right? That's what they hope, and perhaps might even be worthy of a bit of respect . . . if they were being honest in their ad campaign.

Ad No. 2 began airing Wednesday and features the mothers and fathers of four dead soldiers. The final mother figure in the ad tells the camera: "We have to finish this job to remember Erik's sacrifice, and all of the other fallen heroes." She is identified as M. J. Kesterson, and many viewers will assume she is the mother of Chief Warrant Officer Erik Kesterson, 29, a helicopter pilot killed in 2003 who figures prominently in the ad.

But she's not his mom.

M.J. Kesterson is married to Erik's father, who also appears in the ad, and she's Erik's stepmother. His mother is Dolores Kesterson, and the distinction is important because Dolores Kesterson is opposed to a war in which she believes her son died to prevent the use of weapons of mass destruction that did not exist and to avenge 9/11, which was not connected to Iraq.

Dolores, who is a member of Gold Star Families for Peace, voiced her opposition when she was granted a brief meeting with President Bush in 2004 and gave Bush a letter in which she wrote: "The label 'Iraqi Freedom' doesn't work for me. Iraq is not free. It is occupied, and now, after all the loss of life on both sides, they don't want us there."

I'm sorry, I have a big problem with the logic that dictates the ONLY way to honor dead, maimed & traumatized US Troops & Iraqi Civilians is to create MORE dead, maimed & traumjatized US Troops & Iraqi Civilians

Top notch blogging, nice find at Mia Culpa


  • Yeah there's a lot of rhetoric and spin twisting going on in every venue right now. Frankly it gets tiring and a bit insulting. For instance, after the bombing of the Samara mosque, not one news agency mentioned the dozens of churches that moslems were burning in Albania and other countries. I found a bunch of other stuff out at these sites:
    and none of it is getting reported by any media, just bloggers like you and me.

    By Anonymous Franky, at 2:04 PM  

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