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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Where's The Decider On This One?

Everything that happens in this Administration occurs with Dear Leader's complete agreement

In the end, every decision his Administration makes is a reflection of him

And once again, we find there's no level of Hell hot, deep or miserable enough for this pathetic scumbag masquerading as President

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Katrina Evacuees Find FEMA Housing Grants Will End Soon

HOUSTON, April 21 — Thousands of hurricane evacuees who counted on a year of free housing and utilities are being told by the Federal Emergency Management Agency that they are no longer eligible for such help and must either pay the rent themselves or leave.

Of about 55,000 families who were given long-term housing vouchers, nearly a third are receiving notices that they no longer qualify, FEMA officials said. For the rest, benefits are also being cut: they will have to sign new leases, pay their own gas and electric bills and requalify for rental assistance every three months.

The process has been marked by sharp disagreements between the agency and local officials, and conflicting information given to evacuees about their futures. Although agency officials say they never promised a full year of free housing, many local officials around the country say yearlong vouchers were exactly what FEMA agreed to provide.

President Jr knows no loyalty to anyone but himself, just check out the location the story was filed from

You Texas Dems want a free shot at Dreck & Dross Extraordinaire Bush Jr, just point out how FEMA-with W's complete, enthusiastic support-is leaving Texans on the hook financially for his complete disinterest in dealing with Katrina's aftermath, and it's only going to get worse if another hurricane strikes anywhere on the Gulf Coast, especially this year

Karl Rove's fear-based, gay-bashing electoral strategy-successful in clawing out just enough votes in 2004 to hold onto the White House-will likely have no effect on a real force of nature, and thus won't bail out the most wretched excrement ever to live at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue when Hurricane Season rolls around

This President does not give a damn in the least about anyone his ignorance & apathy screw over through no fault of their own. If anything, it's becoming clear that he's NOT happy unless as many people as possible suffer during his abysmal reign

In the desperate weeks after Hurricane Katrina, the vouchers helped stabilize the lives of evacuees who had bounced from place to place while trying to find missing family members and deal with mysterious skin rashes, shellshocked children and reams of red tape. At least, the vouchers promised, they would not have to worry about shelter.

Now, eight months later, the notices have panicked evacuees and raised the ire of local officials and landlords, who say FEMA is reneging on a promise and dismantling a program that is helping more people and is far less expensive than other housing solutions like trailers.

The more I read of this story the stronger the urge to absolutely bitchslap this pampered scion who's never given a thought to the consequences his actions have on others who have done him no harm-A beatdown like Sonny Corleone administered to his brother in law in "The Godfather" would be a REAL good start to getting W's attention, and the more public the humiliation the better

To make matters worse, advocates and local officials say, many evacuees either do not know why they have been found ineligible or have been given spurious reasons. Many notices do not even give a deadline, saying only, "You will not be asked to leave before April 30."

Wow, a whole three more days without having to worry, how mighty white of the Administration

That W is doing his best Marcel Marceau muteness means he agrees with shafting those who are already hurting, a characteristic common to bullies & sociopaths everywhere. W thinks he earns respect with his exuberant desire to inflict pain on nondeserving others, he thinks it makes others fear him

He's wrong

It makes others hate him, a despising few other US leaders have gone out of their way to earn with such relish & delight

And as was pointed out at the start, in this case, it's fellow Texans who have to clean up after W's mess

"We believe that many of the people who received notice that they're ineligible are eligible," said Mayor Bill White of Houston, where more than 9,000 of the 35,000 families on vouchers have been determined to be unqualified, raising fears of mass homelessness.

In an effort to persuade FEMA to reconsider, Mr. White has gone so far as to send teams of building inspectors to New Orleans to photograph evacuees' destroyed homes.

If there's any way possible, the money spent on these building inspectors needs to come out of W's wallet, if not his worthless, smug hide

And here's W's true mindset, as mouthed by the latest FEMA lackey unlucky enough to be the public face for his boss's clear incompetence

David Garrett, FEMA's acting director of recovery, said the agency had promised only to reimburse for "up to" 12 months of housing. But the cities that actually issued the vouchers, including Houston, Memphis and Little Rock, Ark., said the agency had agreed in negotiations to pay for the full term.....Agency officials say fairness and the law prevent them from leaving the voucher system in place. The programs were hurriedly set up by state and local governments under FEMA guidelines for emergency housing, which is available to virtually anyone from a disaster-stricken area but is not intended to be used for extended periods.

So, in the interest of "FAIRNESS", people screwed by their Federal Govt are about to have their lives made even more desperate & miserable by their mentally lazy & shiftless President

Now, the agency is converting the families to its more traditional, and stricter, long-term housing program, the individual assistance program. Many people who qualified for emergency housing do not meet the requirements for long-term assistance, and the agency says it cannot ask taxpayers to continue to bankroll those families, although an agency spokesman, Aaron Walker, was unable to provide an estimate of how much money would be saved.

Mr. Garrett said the program was not fair to families who did not get vouchers, but instead went directly from shelters or hotels into the stricter program, under which they receive rent money every three months. The payments count against the total each family can legally receive from FEMA, $26,200, while rent and utilities under the voucher program do not. (FEMA trailers do not count either, agency officials said, because they are not as comfortable as apartments.)

Of course, it's okay to give Halliburton hundreds of millions of dollars for jobs they botched constantly in the Iraq occupation, but God forbid those who pay for Halliburton's thievery, the taxpayers, get anywhere near the same consideration

The movement away from long-term vouchers has created widespread confusion among evacuees. A disabled evacuee in Little Rock said that when she called FEMA to ask why her rent was no longer being paid she was informed, erroneously, that she had never had a voucher. In Memphis, where there are 1,500 families on vouchers, FEMA initially asked those running the program to reclaim the furniture and basic kitchen items issued to evacuees, backing down after strenuous objections, said Susan Adams, the executive director of the Memphis and Shelby County Community Services Agency.

"It feels like a total lack of compassion," Ms. Adams said. "A total lack of humanity."

FEMA has no record of the furniture request, a spokesman for the agency said.

That sentence completely sums up this President & His Lackeys completely, a total lack of compassion & humanity, a group of draft-dodging budget busters with delusions of grandeur who whimpered in fear when it was their ass on the line in terms of possibly serving in hostile combat

In interviews with more a dozen evacuees, some said they had been told they were ineligible because their home in New Orleans had not suffered enough damage, or they had insurance covering living expenses, or their paperwork lacked a signature, or they had not appeared in person for an inspection of their damaged home. FEMA recently agreed to review its findings for mistakes.

How many of the FEMA inspectors actually lived in the areas devastated by Katrina & W's desire to stay on vacation for three days after New Orleans & the Gulf coast were ravaged by the storm & levee failures?

Mr. Garrett emphasized that evacuees could appeal any decision. But according to written guidelines, the agency will not continue to pay rent while a case is on appeal.

FEMA itself has difficulty explaining the ineligibility findings. The agency told Houston officials that about 1,200 of 8,500 families had insufficient damage to their homes and that 1,600 were in a category called "ineligible — other." Some 1,050 were denied on appeal, but the original reason for the denial was not given. More than 2,300 were described as being eligible only for an initial $2,000, with no further explanation.

Where is the Administration's outrage on behalf of the public it's supposed to protect? Oh, that's right, since these who are suffering probably didn't give big campaign contributions to this louse of a Commander in Chief, there is no Administrative outrage, there is no attempt to correct an outrageous & grievous situation not of the victims' making

Some evacuees said they had planned their lives around the security of the 12-month voucher. Erica Stevens, 26, said the promise of housing had drawn her and her three children to Houston after Hurricane Rita destroyed her home in Beaumont, Tex. She did not receive much other assistance, she said, because her landlord filed a FEMA claim on the house before she did, making her ineligible.

Karen Douglas, an evacuee living with two sons in a pleasant house in a Houston suburb, said that amid enrolling the elder son in school, battling insurance adjusters and looking for a job, she had managed to put the insurance proceeds from her destroyed house into investments that would mature in November, when her voucher was to expire. "It's stressful, but I thought I had it together," she said.

Then, on April 15, Ms. Douglas too got a letter. She would like to appeal but does not know why she was found ineligible. The letter says only that she had been previously notified of the reason. "I was expecting FEMA to honor the agreement," she said. "I wasn't expecting them to go midstream and pull the rug out from underneath us."



  • KC, the thing that most concerns me is that other Americans aren't outraged. I find myself wondering if it's because they think all the evacuees are people of color. It's just disgraceful!

    By Anonymous Susan, at 3:13 AM  

  • I almost pissed myself when I heard Bush, with my own ears, say "I'm the decider".....ehehehhe and that my friends is our President, the leader of our great country... I'm so embarrassed...

    By Anonymous Steph, at 6:37 PM  

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