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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Maybe Rove's Gay-Bashing Strategy Would Work Better If We All Rode Bikes

Poor Karl Rove

He rearranges his job to focus strictly on trying to lessen the coming GOP train wreck at the polls in November, and right off the bat, the Golden Boy gets an earful from the voters concerning Dear Leader & Cheneyburton's favorite industry of price gougers & consumer rapers, the Oil Industry

My schadenfreude at the GOP's woes is going into overdrive, and it doesn't cost a single cent either

Oh where to begin in cataloging the latest double-barreled blast of bad news aimed squarely at the GOP?

GOP Worries Gas Prices Could Add to Woes

The high cost of filling up has become a political issue, and Democratic and GOP lawmakers were blaming each other Monday for a problem that is largely out of Congress' control.

Republicans said they were worried that voters paying more than $3 per gallon would punish the party in power. Democrats hatched plans to make that happen.


High gas prices seem to be a rite of spring and summer, when demand is the highest, but fuel costs are rarely a defining issue on Election Day.

Republicans worry that this year may be different. Some said high gas prices could feed the public's sour mood about the direction of the country, underscore perceptions that the GOP is too cozy with big business and reflect voters' belief that nothing gets fixed in Washington all grim signs for the party controlling both the White House and Congress.

Geez, suddenly having control of the House, the Senate, and the White House doesn't seem to be so conducive to harmonious rule, especially when the party in power-and it's slavish devotion to pushing an agenda favored by the Oil Industry at the clear expense of the consumers-is correctly seen as the problem.

How sad for Rove & the GOP at the national level, they're getting the public hit instead of the usually spineless-Dems over the high prices at the gas pumps

Hey Karl, how's that "Permanent GOP Rule" working out for the party & yourself right about now?

Looks like locking the Dems out of power is backfiring on your arrogant ass right about now, so enjoy the taste Rovebitch, you've truly earned it

Even funnier, at least one GOP strategist is insisting that the Dems need to compromise-hysterical seeing as how they don't call the shots in DC, and not a GOP wish likely to be fulfilled by the Dems

Kevin Spillane, a GOP strategist in Sacramento, Calif., said he suspects that voters understand that the oil market is too complicated to blame on a single party.

But he said both sides need to compromise Democrats on their objections to new drilling sites and Republicans on their opposition to high fuel standards.

So this assclown Spillane is getting paid big bucks to caterwaul that the party out of power-the dems-needs to compromise about anything, making their victimizers look good in the process?

Good Christ, no wonder the GOP is hurting everywhere right about now, with arrogant mewling about how the out of power party needs to give in to save the GOP on yet another occasion.

This is clearly desperate, pollyannaish, out-of-touch-with-political-reality thinking, and no doubt an indicator of just how far the GOP has fallen out of favor with the vast majority of voters

And just what iron-spine strategies are various GOPbots pushing for to show their staunch opposition to price gouging and consumer-rape at the gas pump by the Oil Industry?

Simple, they're "urging" instead of "insisting", a clear difference of tactics for the party that calls the political shots in DC

President Bush, trying to calm Americans' outrage over the sky-high prices, has asked the Energy and Justice departments to investigate whether the price has been illegally manipulated, White House spokesman Scott McClellan said Monday. Bush plans to announce the action Tuesday during a speech in Washington.


Feeling the political pinch, House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., and Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn., urged Bush in a letter to order a probe into any gas price gouging or market speculation.

"Anyone who is trying to take advantage of this situation while American families are forced into making tough choices over whether to fill up their cars or severely cut back their budgets should be investigated and prosecuted," read the letter.

Well, with qualifiers like "urged" and "should", can anyone doubt the Oil industry is quaking in it's boots over being held to account by it's political beneficiaries, the GOP?

Oh, and speaking of off-key GOP caterwauling, here's some great examples of the bullies insisting that the Milquetoasts are being just too darn mean to said bullies yet again

Sen. Elizabeth Dole, chairwoman of the Republican Senate campaign committee, issued a statement that said, "Democrats have decided to play partisan politics with gas prices in a flailing attempt to distract from the growing economy."

Of course, the GOP would NEVER play politics with anything, like flaming fears of further terrorist attacks to outright lie the US into a completely unnecessary war with a country that was NEVER a threat to us in the least, Iraq, would it now, DumbBitchDole?

Several Republicans suggested that oil prices would be lower had Democrats not blocked plans to drill in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Just one problem here for the GOPtards-Getting ANY usable gasoline from ANWR would take YEARS of drilling, and with a 2 1/2 year supply of oil-at best-to feed our 20 Million barrel a day oil habit, would be nothing more than a blip on the oil radar screen

Bullies are always the most spineless of cowards, but this GOP tendency to blame all their problems on the out-of-power, usually acquiescing Dems is past pathetic, even for the GOP

Oh, and just one more goody from the article

The Republican National Committee accused Reid of "killing (energy) reform for years."

Guys, blaming the out of power party leader doesn't portend well for your electoral chances come November, as it shows your party-in spite of running the House, the Senate & the White House-is made up of mainly wet-pasta strength spines reduced to begging their usual victims to make things better for the GOP

And while it's true that the price spikes always occur around the start of the summer traveling season, and usually ease up by the late fall, let's remember one other little factor the GOP has to take into account, a factor that may slam them this year just as hard as it did last year

Hurricane Season starts on June 1

And since Katrina not only destroyed New Orleans-a problem still unfixed seven months later, indicative of W's complete disinterest in the repair work aspect of being President-but also shut down Gulf refineries until just recently, Rove has to be hoping that nature will cut the GOP a BIG break and not hit the same areas again with the same devastation as Katrina & Rita did last year

Only problem with nature-it doesn't give a flying fuck WHAT labels Rove throws at it

Enjoy Rove, and your GOPbot operatives/lackeys, all the hard times you jerkoffs are going through you've brought COMPLETELY on yourselves

Deal with it like adults for a change, instead of the whining ninnyhammers you've so clearly become


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