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Monday, April 10, 2006

God, with idiots like this, it's embarrassing to be Texan at times, best shown with two particular reality-deniers, GOP of course

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On Iraq war, a House divided

The war in Iraq has polarized Congress, a divide that's kept Texas' 32-member House delegation from finding much common ground. The state has some of the most liberal and conservative lawmakers in Washington, as ranked by the nonpartisan National Journal magazine. Interviews with Texans on each end of the political spectrum reveal entrenched positions on the war.


Dallas Rep. Pete Sessions, a Republican elected in 1996, said Iraq is "evolving" and a "moving target."

"We are slowly but surely defeating the enemy."

Of course we are, I'm sure the enemy is getting tired of lugging around all that unbombed ordnance just laying around, and undoubtedly are getting worn down by the daily grind of frustrating the military geniuses in Dear Leader's retinue at every turn

It must be exhausting work being an al-Qaeda bureaucrat, what with all the new recruits eager to join the suicide mission brigade, and filled with the spirit of freedom granted by President Jr, who generously liberated ALL the suicide bombers so long & brutally suppressed by Saddam Hussein

Oh yes, Sessions gets even more interesting, rhetoric wise

In the last six to 10 months, he said, the U.S. military has been able to focus on tracking insurgents and stopping them.

"We've gone from training a police force to training a military. And the need for them is very apparent. We're finally seeing what I consider to be progress, but it's still a very dangerous place."

Is success judged by the 50 bodies turning up daily scattered across Baghdad, interspersed with the almost-constant suicide bombings?

Are the Iraqi troops ready & able to successfully defeat the widespread militias & death squads now operating freely in Iraq?

Perhaps success is Halliburton brutally gouging US Taxpayers for the privelege of no-bid contracts, leaving the Iraqis even worse off now-in terms of power, sanitation, water, medical supplies, fuel & security-than experienced during Saddam Hussein's reign

How long should the U.S. stay?

"Till the job is done. The bottom line is, now you're going to a question of Americans' prestige in the world," he said. "We need an overwhelming force there to finish the job."

So, does the US currently have enough troops in Iraq or not?

Simple question to answer, Sessions really ought to try it sometime

And here comes the usual justifications for cutting back on our freedoms while blathering about "Bringing Democracy" to another country & society entirely, how this BS doesn't show a "hatred of US Freedoms", an agenda that Dear Leader W claims is being pursued by both Usama bin Laden & al-Qaeda, I can't even begin to answer

But he's concerned about public dissent, saying: "Being anti-war doesn't protect this country and also does not respect and honor the men and women who are engaged in this effort."

Hey DumbFuck

These troops AREN'T being honored by cutting back our Constitutional Freedoms here in the US, they're NOT honred when sent into battle deliberately underequipped with enough effective body & vehicle armor, they're NOT honored by cutting back on Veterans Benefits to implement permanently foolish tax cuts to those least in need of them, and those US Troops are DEFINITELY not honored when forced to fight a war that our cowardly leaders lied us into.

The death of US military personnel is not justified or honored by warrantless spying on purely domestic communications, torture as a matter of official policy at home & abroad or killing tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis

So, when the W Administration apologizes for deliberately outing a CIA Agents-who's job consisted of tracking & disrupting the transfer of WsMD to rogue regimes, groups & individuals-for nothing more than a political hissy fit, THEN I'll worry about undermining troop morale by criticizing the draft-dodging moron who sent those same troops to die for whatever reason the Administration blathers about

And what do you know, it's the other half of the Tweedledum & Tweedledummer

Freshman GOP Rep. Randy Neugebauer of Lubbock counsels patience and defends the administration.

"From the very beginning, our goal was not to occupy Iraq but to liberate it," he said.


I thought from the very beginning that the goal was to deprive Iraq from it's impossible to conceal WsMD & WsMD related programs

No wait, wasn't it to strike a blow against those responsible for the 9-11 attacks?

"The way to do that was as the president laid out his strategy," he said – by helping Iraqis provide for their own security, organize a democratic government and rebuild their economy.

And none of those steps is anywhere close to being accomplished, as everything the US has promised to reestablish has been shown to be rhetoric of the most empty, worthless hollow kind

I have yet to see even ONE US financed Iraq project that's come in both on time & under budget, must be the fault of the cupposed "Liberal" media

"We've made a lot of progress," he said. "Is it always pretty over there? Absolutely not. ... But it's important for us to finish this job. ... It would send a bad message to terrorists around the world if we back down."

So, it sends a bad message to the terrorists if we don't keep honoring the sacrifice of the dead, maimed & traumatized US troops by getting more US troops killed, maimed & traumatized?

And how does deliberately overstretching the US military far too thin overseas make this country and our shores safer from another massive terroist attack?

Guys, wake up, pull your heads out, and start representing the Constitution instead of a political party, that is if you really care about "freedom" in our country and keeping the citizens safe from enemies both foreign and domestic


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