Royally Kranked

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Well, isn't this special, the Dems have less spine than the GOP, but apparently fatter wallets for Senate Campaigns

The National Republican Senatorial Committee raised $5.5 million in February, while the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee raised $3.8 million.

Democrats still hold a big advantage on money in the bank with $27.4 million, while Republicans have $14.5 million.

Forgive me for living up to my last name, but I fail to see this enormous backwash of cash as a good thing when it comes to free & fair elections

The Dems think big money=big ideas and a sure fire winning ticket at the voting booth

The Dems have become GOP lite in more ways than one, as they sell out their liberal base-except when it comes to pleading for campaign contributions from the same liberals they run away from instead of aggressively pursuing a progressive/liberal agenda

The Dems think this money-edge makes up for their lack of courage and spine

And there's the biggest difference between the Dems & the GOP when it comes to electoral strategy

The GOP plays to its base, the Dems-except for begging for campaign contributions-run away from their base

So, I make a modest series of proposals to suck the money out of our electoral system

Good for democracy, bad for those who profit so mightily from the current, corrupt system of financially rewarded cronies on both sides of the political aisle

1. Free TV & Radio air time for candidates on an election ballot-The airwaves belong to the taxpayers, NOT the media corporations, and as such, the people can insist on just such an option

2. No out of state funds & campaign contributions when it comes to US Senate races-ALL funds raised in-state only

3. No out of district funds & campaign contributions when it comes to US House races-ALL funds raised in-district only

I'm sure there are other ways to cut down on the corrosive influence these massive amounts of campaign-geld have on our system, but these three seem, to me, an eminently reasonable place to start sucking the money out of politics


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