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Monday, March 20, 2006

Working on a heartbreaking story, that's why there's been no updates since last week

But, for now, Dear Leader W gets some rather unflattering comments thrown his way by a still seemingly upset Trent Lott, not forgetting that he was forced out of the Senate Majority Leader spot in 2003 after making a rather foolish remark at Strom Thurmond's 100th birthday party

Lott might run for majority leader post

First, let's see the warm feelings Lott has for the guy who replaced him as Senate Majority Leader, Terri Schavo's Video Diagnostician Extraordinaire, Bill "Quacky" Frist

A newcomer to the Senate, Frist was widely seen as Bush’s pick to be majority leader. Lott said Frist didn’t have the experience to lead a political body as fractious as the Senate.

“I don’t think he’ll go down in history as one of the greats,” Lott said Saturday.

I think that's a very safe assumption, especially seeing as how Frist is nothing more than an amateurish political opportunist, most recently shown by his giving the White House no more than an hour's notice that he would publicly oppose the Dubai Ports Deal

And the Frist-hits keep on coming from Lott

Frist, who is dogged by questions about stock transactions involving the family company, plans to step down next year as majority leader to make a run for the presidency. It’s a run that Lott doesn’t think much of.

“I don’t think he has a shot at that,” Lott said.

On that front, I completely agree with Lott, in spite of the fact that Frist won the first straw poll regarding the GOP's 2008 Presidential Primary nomination-Of course, Frist DID bus in lots of supporters to vote in that Straw Poll, but that's a trifling matter

As it turns out though, Lott's main comments were directed at President Jr and the Administration

Did I say "comments"?

I meant "Attacks"

As in Dear Leader now gets to consider what happens if Lott is re-elected to his Senate seat, then runs & regains the Senate Majority Leader's spot

It's called political payback, and it's a REAL bitch

And if he’s successful, Lott said, he’d like to see the Senate pass fewer, bigger pieces of legislation and spend more time overseeing the White House. He said that if better oversight had been exercised — and better legislation had been passed — the government’s response to Katrina would have been better and the Dubai Ports World debacle could have been avoided.

Just what W, Rove & Cheney DON'T want, oversight of any kind

And after losing property thanks to Katrina, Lott shot on other Administration's bungles

If the Federal Emergency Management Agency hadn’t been rolled into the mammoth bureaucracy of the Department of Homeland Security, it would have been better manned and better funded, Lott said.

If the Defense Department had been included in a review of a deal for a Dubai company to run six U.S. ports, security concerns could have been raised earlier, Lott said.

But the senator gave Bush himself low marks for his handling of the controversy. In the face of a congressional revolt, the president threatened to use his veto pen for the first time in his presidency.

“He did really bungle that,” Lott said.

And if threatened oversight of the Imperial Presidency wasn't enough, Lott had further BitchSlaps to deliver to Dear Leader W, and I'm guessing that he & Bush Jr won't be sitting on that porch after it's been rebuilt

With poll numbers stuck in the 30s and the war in Iraq becoming increasingly unpopular, Bush could hurt the GOP in the November elections, Lott said.

“If he doesn’t manage the perceptions and get his numbers up, he’s going to be a drag in the fall,” Lott said, echoing calls for Bush to bring new blood into the White House the way Ronald Reagan did in the wake of the Iran-Contra scandal.

Now, not only are GOPbots openly calling President Jr "A Drag" on the party, but other GOPbots aren't willing to be seen publicly with President Jr when he's trying to defend his disastrous Iraq Invasion decision

Who won't be there?

When a president's popularity plummets as Bush's has, other politicians often avoid public appearances with them. Prominent Ohio Republicans including Sen. Mike DeWine, Sen. George Voinovich and Rep. Steve LaTourette say they're skipping Bush's speech because of prior commitments.....Gov. Bob Taft, whose popularity is even lower than Bush's, isn't expected to attend, either. Taft noted that he attended Bush's speech last month outside Columbus, as did Voinovich. Today's event isn't on the schedules of either Jim Petro or Ken Blackwell, the GOP candidates to replace Taft, their spokesmen said.

Nothing like politicians with even lower approval ratings avoiding the President like the worst & most pestilent of plaques

"Mission Accomplished" Indeed!


  • Trust Lott to speak up. He always was outspoken. LOL Good for him.

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