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Monday, April 10, 2006

Before looking at more hypocrites from the Vision America conference, the following article fits into this topic so perfectly that it needs to be examined

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Christians Sue for Right Not to Tolerate Policies

Ruth Malhotra went to court last month for the right to be intolerant.

Malhotra says her Christian faith compels her to speak out against homosexuality. But the Georgia Institute of Technology, where she's a senior, bans speech that puts down others because of their sexual orientation.

Malhotra sees that as an unacceptable infringement on her right to religious expression. So she's demanding that Georgia Tech revoke its tolerance policy.

I have no problem with Malhotra spewing her idiocy, as long as she has no problem with others spewing right back at her & her beliefs

In fact, I'm guessing that Malhotra would be the first to use the Institute's speech codes if harsh rhetoric was blathered about her solely because of her religious lifestyle choice

And whatever else that choice may be, it's certainly NOT "Christian" in the least

The Rev. Rick Scarborough, a leading evangelical, frames the movement as the civil rights struggle of the 21st century. "Christians," he said, "are going to have to take a stand for the right to be Christian."

In that spirit, the Christian Legal Society, an association of judges and lawyers, has formed a national group to challenge tolerance policies in federal court. Several nonprofit law firms — backed by major ministries such as Focus on the Family and Campus Crusade for Christ — already take on such cases for free.

Civil Rights?!

I must have missed how Scarborugh's absurd claim is borne out by all the Christians lynched here in the US, how all the Christian property in the US are destroyed or stolen for the larger society, as occured with the properties owned by Japanese-Americans during WWII

These are the very same group of Christ-deficient Old Testamentalists that whine & moan about how even though they're overrepresented in our Government, and even though us libs are-according to them-socially marginalized, they're somehow being persecuted by us marginalized liberals and the Bush Jr Administration working in tandem

The legal argument is straightforward: Policies intended to protect gays and lesbians from discrimination end up discriminating against conservative Christians. Evangelicals have been suspended for wearing anti-gay T-shirts to high school, fired for denouncing Gay Pride Month at work, reprimanded for refusing to attend diversity training. When they protest tolerance codes, they're labeled intolerant....."The message is, you're free to worship as you like, but don't you dare talk about it outside the four walls of your church," said Stephen Crampton, chief counsel for the American Family Assn. Center for Law and Policy, which represents Christians who feel harassed."

Oh, Boo-Fuckin'-Hoo, cry me a fucking river

And why do I just know that similar slurs against these Old Testamentalists would be punished with the very same methods they decry when aimed at themselves?

The hypocrisy is truly overwhelming, these Old Testamentalists want everyone else-believer & nonbeliever alike-to acknowledge THEIR religious lifestyle choice as the only with any validity/truth behind it, and superior to all others

Oh yeah, they're also not happy unless their tax-exempt organized religious lifestyle choice is funded with the taxes of the same people they bash on a regular basis, gays, minorities, feminists, single mothers, etc

Hey, here's an idea for these whiney hypocrites of the US Taliban

Kill off the tax exemptions for your religious lifestyle choices, and trust in God to provide

And boy, just like the Pharisees objected to Christ's targeting of their social, moral & ethical hypocrisy, the Old Testamentalists have a problem being called out on their arrogance

"What if a person felt their religious view was that African Americans shouldn't mingle with Caucasians, or that women shouldn't work?" asked Jon Davidson, legal director of the gay rights group Lambda Legal.

Christian activist Gregory S. Baylor responds to such criticism angrily. He says he supports policies that protect people from discrimination based on race and gender. But he draws a distinction that infuriates gay rights activists when he argues that sexual orientation is different — a lifestyle choice, not an inborn trait.

By equating homosexuality with race, Baylor said, tolerance policies put conservative evangelicals in the same category as racists. He predicts the government will one day revoke the tax-exempt status of churches that preach homosexuality is sinful or that refuse to hire gays and lesbians.

"Think how marginalized racists are," said Baylor, who directs the Christian Legal Society's Center for Law and Religious Freedom. "If we don't address this now, it will only get worse."

Yeah, how horrible that racists are marginalized, seeing as how slavery was condoned in the Old Testament

And if Baylor isn't willing to subsidize the free speech or religious lifestyle choices of those he condemns, then he has no legitimacy regarding his off-key caterwauling about how his religious lifestyle is under assault

And just to clear something up, this is the argument that ALWAYS trips up these "Homosexuality is a lifestyle choice" BS artists

It's the simple trap those who argue against homosexuality being determined by geneticsalways walk/slither into, and a trap those of us who claim homosexuality is genetic in nature avoid

If homosexuality is a choice, then so is heterosexuality, which means the only way anyone could truly know they're straight is to have at least one homosexual experience to measure it against

Christians are fighting back in a case involving Every Nation Campus Ministries at California State University. Student members of the ministry on the Long Beach and San Diego campuses say their mission is to model a virtuous lifestyle for their peers. They will not accept as members gays, lesbians or anyone who considers homosexuality "a natural part of God's created order."

Legal analysts agree that the ministry, as a private organization, has every right to exclude gays; the Supreme Court affirmed that principle in a case involving the Boy Scouts in 2000. At issue is whether the university must grant official recognition to a student group that discriminates.

The students say denying them recognition — and its attendant benefits, such as funding — violates their free-speech rights and discriminates against their conservative theology. Christian groups at public colleges in other states have sued using similar arguments. Several of those lawsuits were settled out of court, with the groups prevailing.

And as long as these same groups argue just as vociferously about groups with opposing agendas getting the same treatment the Old Testmentalists insist on, then there's no problems in the least

But as the OT's show time and again, they DON'T believe in equal treatment for those they disagree with and condemn at every opportunity, as being the least bit consistent in these cases is sneered at as the "tolerance" the Old Testamentalists mock for others, but insist on for themselves at every opportunity

And lets not even go into how the Old Testamentalists rip into Atheists while gleefully using atheists' tax dollars to subsidize the OT's tax-exempt organized religious lifestyle choices at the same time

And more "witnessing" from Malhotra sure to win over more converts for her theology

She caused another stir with a letter to the gay activists who organized an event known as Coming Out Week in the fall of 2004. Malhotra sent the letter on behalf of the Georgia Tech College Republicans, which she chairs; she said several members of the executive board helped write it.

The letter referred to the campus gay rights group Pride Alliance as a "sex club … that can't even manage to be tasteful." It went on to say that it was "ludicrous" for Georgia Tech to help fund the Pride Alliance.

The letter berated students who come out publicly as gay, saying they subject others on campus to "a constant barrage of homosexuality."

"If gays want to be tolerated, they should knock off the political propaganda," the letter said.

Such willful ignorance, such spiteful joy from one so young as Malhotra is truly a sad & pathetic spectacle to witness indeed

So, Gays are somehow leveling Malhotra with a constant barrage of homosexuality, even though they make up just a fraction of the Institute's students?

The image of Malhotra with this whiny petulance is that of one of those easily shocked, fuddy-duddy bluebloods, the kind who always swoon in movies and on TV at the least little bit of reality they find impossible to acknowledge or positively deal with

But once again, we see another mewling hypocrite, Malhotra, who wants everyone to kiss her ass & joyfully fund her group, while insisting on no funding for the people she so obviously despises

Perhaps if Malhotra doesn't want her views attacked, SHE should knock off the "O, Woe Is Me" propaganda

Still, she said, the incident has left her afraid to speak freely. She's even reluctant to aggressively advertise the campus lectures she arranges on living by the Bible.

"Whenever I've spoken out against a certain lifestyle, the first thing I'm told is 'You're being intolerant, you're being negative, you're creating a hostile campus environment,' " Malhotra said.

Again, Malhotra hasn't put her faith into action, as she obviously doesn't think God will provide a way for her to expound her message even if she gets suspended and/or expelled

Why should everyone else be forced to acknowledge a faith as weak as Malhotra's?


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