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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Let's All Take A Breath & Calm Down

Regarding the much-anticipated attack on Iran, to read from so many of the sources that it's almost a foregone conclusion that such an attack is much more likely than not

It's been written that such an attack will immediately rally the US public to the President's side yet again, and that "National/Homeland Security" is once again a winning card for Karl Rove to play against a cowed & decimated "opposition in name only" party with spines as solid as overcooked pasta

And yet, when one considers all the problems & conniptions currently afflicting the Administration, then I submit the chances of an attack on Iran become logically unrealistic

Of course, with this crew in charge there's absolutely no way to figure out if they're as wingnut crazy as they like to pretend they are, even though when challenged effectively, this Administration ALWAYS backs down

The following response is one I originally posted in the comments at Steve Gilliards Newsblog, with a new wrap-up for here

Won't be ANY attack on Iran, especially before the November elections

Main reasons?

1. The closer to the election an attack is carried out, the more blatantly obvious becomes the politics behind that tactical/strategic decision

2. Just which US targets would be the most likely for Iran to retaliate against?

That's right, the US Troops already serving in Iraq, the same troops deliberately sent into battle without enough effective body & vehicle armor, while at the same time being completely victimized via no bid Halliburton contracts concerning untainted food & water, and already under attack from



Terrorists in training

The last thing the GOP needs leading up to the elections is nightly news of even more bad stuff happening to an already overexpanded & undermanned force

3. China-China already holds the 2nd largest amount of US debt-Japan's first-and as an ascending Superpower, is looking to lock up energy supplies wherever possible to feed it's increasing oil demands-Does anyone REALLY think China's going to let the US bomb the hell out of the 2nd largest oil reserves in the world without some kind of a response?

Not likely, and the Chinese wouldn't even have to threaten military action either-Just mention that it would be a real shame if China couldn't participate in upcoming Treasury auctions involving US debt being sold off

And of course, in order to pull off such an attack, W will have to get Congress okay-after being proven so wrong-on every single fact of import relating to the Iraq invasion & occupation-as there's no way his low approval ratings mean he gets his way unopposed anymore

And of course, the fact that Jr's base will have more opportunities to tear into each other before the elections, as opposed to unite, just makes it harder to carry out an even more idiotic endeavor like bombing Iran

Then there's all the ethical & legal scandals blowing up almost hourly in the GOP's institutional face, most notable relating to Jack Abramoff

There won't just be arrests & indictments of Politicians, their spouses, their staffs, lobbyists & lobbyists staffs, but they'll be occurring all through the summer & fall as well, and all leading up to the November Elections

At this point, not even all of Diebold's rigged software and Karl Rove's best "Bash The Gays" efforts to inspire the slugs amongst the US Taliban lovers can stave off what's shaping up to be a real political bloodbath at the ballot box.

However, like was cautioned above, we can't just think this GOP collapse-irreversible as it is now-means the Dems have the Congress locked up come election day

The Dems need to be campaigning as if they're the ones down by double digits, they need to be forceful about why Administrative oversight is desperately needed even more with W than it was with Nixon

Because at this point, the Administration & much of the GOP is made up of nothing more than corrupt-crony-rewarding, draft-dodging, budget-busting ChickenHawks with Delusions of Grandeur who have put the country in more danger than we've ever faced before, not just with another massive terrorist attack, but with Natural Disasters as well

Hurricane Season is coming up, and considering that New Orleans and much of the Gulf Coast still looks like it did right after Katrina hit, does anyone think the Administration will acquit itself noticeably better now that 4 years have passed since 9-11 and about 9 months since Katrina?

In short, there's far too many domestic problems-and the ever expanding political millstone around W's scrawny neck named Iraq-for Dear Leader to even consider any kind of attack upon Iran other than rhetorical

At this point, the Administration is NOT saber-rattling-it's so overstretched an underequipped & understaffed military that all it's doing is empty-scabbard rattling

I'm old enough to remember Watergate, and IF things continue breaking as badly against the GOP as possible, then the damage to the GOP is going to be even worse than it suffered because of Watergate & Nixon

I'll be expanding on the China factor as it relates to any attack on Iran, as well as giving some idea of the major business ties Iran is currently cultivating with numerous other countries in the world

What makes this Empty-Scabbard Rattling even more of a spectacle is that since I doubt there will be an attack, all the Administration is realistically doing is undercutting that "Crazy, Badass" image it likes to foster around the world


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