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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Smart Mouths Get Slapped-Especially When Spewing Nothing Harder Than Stale Rhetoric

Since it's been far too long since the last post, perhaps it's best to return with the latest edition of "Laugh...Or........Bitchslap?"

Remember, on our show, something is said that's infuriatingly stupid or appallingly hilarious, and I think today we actually have a resolution to that quandry for the first time

And so let's introduce our latest contestant, in the "Awww, look how cute he THINKS he looks" category, a big, rousing welcome Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-N.C.)

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And here's the story on Contestant McHenry

Freshman Republican Rep. Patrick McHenry (N.C.) wants to help House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) — well, sort of.

McHenry has prepared an ethics complaint for Pelosi to file against a fellow Democratic lawmaker, Rep. William Jefferson (La.), who is under investigation by the Justice Department for allegedly having received more than $450,000 in bribes.

To refresh everyone's memory, Jefferson is the sleazy bastard who was filmed by Nightline when he monopolized a small Marine detail after New Orleans flooded due to Katrina destroying the overworked, understrengthened structurally levees. He had the marines-by Hummer & Helicopter as well-help him save boxes of what looked to be computer-related materials-That he's been ordered to turn over materials makes this action look even more self-serving than it would have been otherwise.. Jefferson-by dint of his long time service as a Rep-bears as much blame for the levee failures as any politician does who had been there for years, as I'm sure they were various cronies & companions who had federal money tossed their way by Jefferson as a way of ensuring ballot-box loyalty & future campaign contributions

But enough about Jefferson, back to McHenry

“In the spirit of fairness and bipartisanship, we’re helping her keep the promise she made on [NBC’s] ‘Meet the Press’ to request an ethics committee investigation of Jefferson,” McHenry said.

Awwww, bipartisanship, ain't it just too cute when it's done by someone who can't bash the other side hard enough on as constant a basis by someone who'd outlaw the opposition first chance he got, with reeducation camps & worse if McHenry thought he could really pull it off?

And really as well, who could EVER accuse McHenry of playing the perfect drama queen/attention-starved media-whore galore in anything less than completely convincing tones he shows such relish for?

Asked why McHenry did not simply file the complaint himself, as any House member is permitted to do, a spokesman for the lawmaker, Aaron Latham, said Pelosi had taken on the issue.

“Minority Leader Pelosi has said she’s taking the lead in this process. There’s no need for us to duplicate her efforts by filing a separate request,” Latham said.

Really, snark is so much better spouted by those more logically to be on the receiving end, such as those who chide the opposition for the speck of corruption in their party while ignoring the beam of corruption & ethics scandals in his own party

While Democrats do have several liabilities on the ethics front — most notably Jefferson and Rep. Alan Mollohan (W.Va.), who recently stepped down as the ethics committee’s ranking Democrat after coming under fire for his real-estate dealings — Republicans have had more to worry about, with former House Majority Leader DeLay being forced to resign his leadership post under an ethics cloud and Ney under federal investigation.

In the midst of the battle over ethics, McHenry has often taken the role of attack dog in chief for House Republicans, issuing stinging critiques of Democrats and pursuing the opposing party with vigor rarely matched by his more accommodating colleagues.


He was a staunch defender of DeLay in the wake of ethics allegations and admonishments, often appearing on cable television to defend the embattled Texan at a time when many other Republicans were shying away.

Absolutely no better way for McHenry to show how ethics-obsessed he is than by sticking up for ethics Butcher & Demolisher Extraordinaire Tom DeLay

And Rep McHenry, anything else you want to say about this?

“We’re taking paperwork off her desk — who doesn’t appreciate that?” quipped McHenry, who plans to send the complaint to Pelosi today. McHenry was spurred to produce the complaint after Pelosi said last week that she thinks the House ethics committee should investigate the Louisianan.

And here's that resolution I mentioned at the start, as it appears the proper answer was "BITCHSLAP!"

Pelosi spokeswoman Jennifer Crider responded by questioning when McHenry would be advocating ethics complaints against Republicans under investigation.

“Did Mr. McHenry send his complaint on Congressman Ney to the Speaker?” Crider asked. “Mr. McHenry’s silence on Congressmen [Tom] DeLay [R-Texas], [Bob] Ney [R-Ohio], [John] Doolittle [R-Calif.], and [Richard] Pombo [R-Calif.] can only be interpreted as an endorsement of their alleged illegal activities and unethical behavior. If he were genuinely concerned about upholding the highest ethical standard, Mr. McHenry ought to take a good, hard look at the Republican Conference.”

What, expect part of the GOPbot Corrupt Crony Corps to actually be ethically & logically consistent, why perish the thought

And McHenry, how DID that bitchslap taste?


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