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Friday, December 08, 2006

How Does Not Talking To Iran & Syria Help The US & Iraq

Or the Palestinians for that matter?

Seriously, how does the US refusal to talk with Iran & Syria with no preconditions do anything but keep up the instability threatening so much of, if not the entire, middle east region?

Let's put it another way, what are the chances the violence & carnage wreaking Iraq right now will get even worse if W were to actually deal with Iran & Syria in a non-belligerant way regarding Iraq?

It's obvious that the longer the instability and violence in Iraq goes on, the worse and more horrfic and deadly the attacks become, the more Iran's position is strengthened-as W's inability to directly lessen the violence grows more obvious to the rest of the world-as well as that of Hezbollah, both of which are seeing their influence in Lebanon grow by the hour

The longer the US military is in Iraq, the more likely it is we'll end up choosing one side over the other in terms of the ongoing civil war between the Shia & Sunnis, and when that happens, we'll be complicit in the wave of genocide and ethnic cleansing that will undoubtedly occur as a result

That genocide, that ethnic cleansing is happening right now, with over 140,000 US troops in Iraq

The US troops are having to deal with numerous groups & conflicts taking more Soldiers & Marines by the day

Death Squads, affiliated with a larger group or splintering off to kill independent of any loyalty except to their own members of each individual/freelance unit

Militias of various loyalties


Terrorists In Training, made up of domestic and foreign trainees

Criminal Gangs, including Kidnapping rings & oil smuggling

How does the US negotiating with Iran & Syria regarding Iraq make the above listed groups even more deadly for the US troops to deal with?

If anyone can logically show how the US dealing with Iran & Syria makes things worse for the Iraqis and US military personnel, please set me right

If anyone can logically show how the US NOT talking with Iran & Syria makes things better for the Iraqis & Us military personnel, please set me right


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