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Friday, December 01, 2006

We're Out Of Iraq By The End Of 2007

W has said we're not leaving Iraq until asked by the Iraqi govt

The US is going to turn over total control of the Iraq forces in 2007

Whoever's in charge of Iraq at the time will then say, "Thanks, you can leave now"

If W refuses to live up to his word-as usual-the US troops will then be essentially, armed hostages under attack from insurgents, militias, death squads, terrorists in training and outside groups-like Hezbollah-as well

There will be NO US military bases in Iraq after this

There will be no US embassy the size of the Vatican either

Iran will bolster it's Shia-majority neighbor, with further support for Iraq coming from Syria-backed Hezbollah

By backing Saddam Hussein for decades, and by unleashing all the current carnage in Iraq after deposing our former Tyrant, the US is not at the top of the Iraqis "favorite country" list, not with decades of US-inflicted misery & suffering

Of course, this is based on the scenario that doesn't take into account an all out conflagration in the middle east, with the unaligned death squads so prevalent in Iraq making their way into every other country in the region

Thanks to W's arrogance and clear incompetence as President, the possibility for a middle east full of flourishing, secular, US friendly democracies is dead, and in it's wake looks to be a region inflamed by religious tensions and competing theocracies

"Mission Accomplished" Indeed


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