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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Karl Rove: Still Short On Logic, Still Stuck On Stupid

Yep, Karl Rove's at it again, and of anyone in the entire Bush Jr Administration,
I despise this smarmy bastard the most

Apparently, Rove's twin strategies of "Bash Anyone Not Agreeing To W's Agenda Of National Security" and gay bashing aren't getting Rove the desired results this time around

Rove's learning the hard way that the few political illusions he's capable of are getting so old that the audience can see how the trick is done, which would account for his lashing out at the media for it's overinflated sense of self importance

Rove Blasts Journalists'Role in Politics

Presidential adviser Karl Rove said Saturday that journalists often criticize political professionals because they want to draw attention away from the"corrosive role"their own coverage plays in politics and government.

"Some decry the professional role of politics, they would like to see it disappear,"Rove told graduating students at the George Washington University Graduate School of Political Management."Some argue political professionals are ruining American politics _ trapping candidates in daily competition for the news cycle instead of long-term strategic thinking in the best interest of the country."

But Rove turned that criticism on journalists.

"It's odd to me that most of these critics are journalists and columnists,"he said."Perhaps they don't like sharing the field of play. Perhaps they want to draw attention away from the corrosive role their coverage has played focusing attention on process and not substance."

Hey, fucktard, maybe if you and W had gotten tough enough questions from the press to dissuade you from your disastrous Iraq policy, you wouldn't be in this mess today

In fact, that earlier media obsequiousness just makes your continuing problems that much worse, as events in Iraq put to lie the Administration's constant braying that "staying the course" is the best hope for Iraq

Rove told about 100 graduates trained to be political operatives that they should respect the instincts of the American voter.

"There are some in politics who hold that voters are dumb, ill informed and easily misled, that voters can be manipulated by a clever ad or a smart line,"said Rove, who is credited with President Bush's victories in the 2000 and 2004 elections."I've seen this cynicism over the years from political professionals and journalists. American people are not policy wonks, but they have great instincts and try to do the right thing."

Okay Karl, name some names here, after all, you would NEVER outright lie in any way, shape or form to further your political agenda of a permanent *snicker* one party political state

Oh yeah, the absolute hypocrisy of Rove bashing "cynicism" when the Administration constantly uses the 9-11 mantra is nothing short of Greek Tragedy Worthy Hubris

Let's look at this line again, and put it in proper context with the portion below

"There are some in politics who hold that voters are dumb, ill informed and easily misled, that voters can be manipulated by a clever ad or a smart line,"

Rove said it is"wrong to underestimate the intelligence of the American voter, but easy to overestimate their interest. Much tugs at their attention."

But he said voters are able to watch campaigns and candidates closely and "this messy and imperfect process has produced great leaders."

So, according to Rove, voters are smart, but rather easily distracted-a political trump card Rove has played over and again

And while he uses the words "great leaders", it's obvious even he doesn't believe they apply to Dear Leader W

In fact, Karl Rove's doing SUCH a bangup job since not being indicted that the GOP and it's various officeholders are distancing themselves from W and the Iraq occupation

Wasn't Rove supposed to right the listing USS GOP after not being indicted, seeing as how he could focus all his attention on making his rapidly-growing number of critics rue the day they said anything bad about Rove?

Now W's got the GOP base tearing into itself, leading into an election with a public overwhelmingly convinced this country is on the wrong track

And that's before there's any asking of the public if they'd approve military actions against Iran and Syria, in addition to being bogged down in Iraq while watching Afghanistan slide back towards Taliban rule at the same time

Rove's alleged "genius" is showing itself to be pretty well useless with all the current legal problems and ethical scandals now breaking against the GOP at the state and national levels

And even worse for Rove, he avoided indictment for outing Valerie Plame, but he's a good buddy of Jack Abramoff, especially as how Rove's main assistant, Susan Ralston, used to be Abramoff's assistant

Rove's on top of his A-Game so much that we're now hearing about no-bid, no oversight contracts regarding Contractors and occupation-era Iraq suddenly being suspended and let for rebid

What W's learning is that the success of his Iraq MeatGrinder Crusade is now out of his hands to influence in any kind of a face-saving way for this most whiney of Presidents

China & Russia are allying themselves pursuing the same objective-business-and as such, are busy making energy deals with countries either fearful of a future assault courtesy of the Bush Jr Administration, or completely pissed off at it for W's Rove-approved Go It Alone style of empty headed Cowboy diplomacy

That list of countries tying their business fortunes to China & Russia includes India and Iran, and if anyone thinks China's going to let all Iran's oil be controlled by the US, they're more naive than Pollyanna ever was

China & Russia have the ability to instantly inflict the same kind of nuclear agony on the US that W can drop on anyone else, and that trumps all the neocons blood-fueled fever pushing US military actions against Iran & Syria

Hezbollah's still standing, and their definition of Victory is the one most acknowledged by so many of those condemning Israel's targeting of Lebanese civilians

It doesn't appear Israel's enamored enough of Neocon strategy to go into Lebanon with a heavy ground presence for an undetermined time

Which kind of undercuts the Neocons strategy of ignore unpleasant realities in Iraq to focus on invading and occupying Syria and Iran

And all this is before we can even measure the Administration's next rescue & relief operations courtesy of the next big Hurricane to hit anywhere on the US Coast, an atmospheric event not likely to be intimidated by the likes of Karl Rove, but if Katrina rebuilding is any accurate indicator, then W and Rove will once again go for the style over the substance

"Stay The Course" as a policy when the overwhelming majority of the US public think we're going in the wrong direction means Rove's "National Security" electoral strategy is officially dead & buried in terms of cost-free victories

Face it, even Diebold ain't saving the GOP come November, and things are only going to get worse politically for Rove and W leading into the November Elections

Hell, W has no military cards to play at all, which would make this a perfect time for all those anti US interests to start acting in concert against any further extension of the US neocons deranged visions

Here's a very long article about just how badly China & Iran could really hurt the US financially and militarily

"If it comes to a shooting war ..."

Not the cheeriest of reading, but especially gloomy for the neocons, radicals who never have represented any political or social mainstream values in the least

Yep, that Rove sure put things right for the GOP since not being indicted for outing Valerie Plame in a hissy fit of political pique

Here's some questions I'd love to hear Rove answer-say, under oath

Valerie Plame's job was to track and disrupt the transfer of WsMD to rogue regimes, groups and individuals, with Iran the focus of her attempts at the time of her outing

In the course of her efforts, she used a CIA front operation called Brewster Jennings, which meant that she had various dealings with undercover operatives, and double agents in other govts, around the world


How did outing Plame make this country safer as a result?

How did outing Plame make it easier to recruit the best and the brightest to help keep WsMD out of the hands of rogue regimes, groups and individuals?

When Plame was outed, it was inevitable that her CIA front of Brewster Jennings would be disclosed as well, thereby exposing all those undercover operatives and double agents in other Govts

How did outing Plame, and then Brewster Jennings make it easier to recruit the foreign operatives and double agents needed to keep WsMD out of the hands of rogue regimes, groups and individuals?

How did the Administration's DELIBERATE outing of Plame increase the trust level between the White House and the CIA's intelligence analysts?

That Karl Rove, he's sure going to put the libs in our proper place all right

That effort should be starting sometime before the election if Rove is the genius he claims to be

And even more depressing, Rove's buddy Ralph Reed got trashed in the Georgia primary

Where's all that "political capital" again?


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