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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Countering Homophobia

If I was gay, I'd be off on a major tirade about the ruling against gay citizens in Washington state, but Pam sure gives the issue a hard turn

I just heard about the Washington State Court ruling, and I think it's about time to try a few other tactics

First off, the ruling was an outrage, and I can see how lots of people will be feeling gutshot and disheartened, even asking themselves if the struggle's really over

I would suggest this-Being discouraged is EXACTLY what Karl Rove wants, it' anger thrown back at him that he can't handle

Find out what ties Karl Rove has to the business world in terms of "consultant" status, and then pressure has to be brought to bear on those employers to cut their financial ties with Rove and his firms

Microsoft had to cut it's ties with Ralph Reed just last year to mollify the anger of it's employees and a large number of consumers, it's time to start hitting back at these bastards in the area that matters more to them than any other-Their wallets

Secondly, the arguments for laws allowing Same Sex Unions (SSU's) have to be framed the right way in order to bring the Corporate world into this issue more than it already is

If the business lobbies start putting pressure on state and local govts, but only to kill political support for outlawing SSU's, that could be an enormous blow for the backers of these state constitutional amendments to have to deal with

To do this, the business world would have to see that being progressive on this issue could pay off for them financially, and moreso when considering that homophobic groups & individuals will undoubtedly try and launch boycotts of businesses that cross their most morally-relativistic of elitist, ivory-tower boundries

Find a way for the issue of SSU's to put money in corporate coffers, and the balance of power suddenly shrinks for those against civil rights for gays

And which industries should be targeted, which businesses could be brought to bear in favor of SSU's?

The obvious, the same businesses and industries that serve married couples

Financial Services and Life/Homeowner's insurance, mortgage lenders all spring to mind

Time for an unpleasant bit of reality the homophobes need to have rubbed in their faces

This appeal to the above industries is a no win proposition for the gay haters. The businesses have a chance to open up an untapped market here in the US, and while the already homophobic would be ready to boycott, just how many people-in the course of their everyday lives of providing for themselves and their families-are going to be motivated enough to change banks, insurance, without being personally shafted by that same business targeted for religiously based boycott?

I submit that the harder a person or family is working to provide for themselves or others, the less likely they are to worry about the issue of SSU's, especially when the following questions are asked

How does banning SSU's put money in the pockets & bank accounts of anyone trying to provide for themselves and/or their families?

For those struggling to feed, house and clothe their kids, how does banning SSU's put food on the table, a roof over the kids heads' or clothes on their backs?

How is it right for gays to be denied their fair share of civil rights, yet still be required to pay their fair share of social responsibilities, taxes?

Which would be a better way to correct that hypocrisy?

Let SSU's proceed, ensuring those taxes?


Keep SSU's banned, and drop the tax burden on homosexuals to Zero, so as not to engage in the most base of social hypocrisy otherwise?

One other idea

It's time to start throwing so much homophobic, exterminationist rhetoric back in the faces of those so quick to try and ban SSU's

Pam's House Blend does a great job of cataloging vile homophobia, including black preachers and clerics

And a way to counter that hatred is to use rhetoric that not only shows homophobia at it's ugliest, but often racist as well, as is the case with KKK Homophobe Doug Sadler

This type of homophobic extremism must be lodged as vociferously and often as possible against any and all who push to ban SSU's, the larger public has to be made aware of the hate the far-right theological thugs who fly under the public radar express so willingly and longingly

The message needs to be pounded over and over again-These evil-minded homophobes do NOT represent the political or social mainstream in the US, not by a long shot. We saw what the public thinks of an extremist agenda regarding Terri Schiavo, those who argued against her husband were actually pushing for Fla. Gov Bush to have the state seize physical custody of Schiavo and reinsert the withdrawn feeding tubes

The overwhelming majority of the public vehemently disagreed with the radicals pushing their extremist agenda, and as a result, the politicians backed off immediately

I have no patience for willfully ignorant jackasses & theological thugs who try and use God or Country as a cover for their psychological flaws and shortcomings of the soul, and homophobes possessed of enough hatred to try and socially opress their victims deserve nothing but public condemnation that's just as scathing as that which the gay baiters spew on such a constant basis

These homophobic parasites who try and ensure social inequality to line their pockets must be challenged on their every point, they must be called to account at every opportunity

Show the US citizens and voters exactly what's in the minds and hearts of so many politically powerful homophobes-like James Dobson and Sun Myung Moon-and that can't help but hurt the 'phobes cause

And if it hurts the homophobes, it helps humanity and makes us a better, more fair and more just society at the same time

For other homophobe-bashings, go HERE, HERE, and HERE

Oh yeah, it's always fun to throw Mathew 23 in the faces of those who would use their weak & willfully ignorant faith as a basis to oppress all nonbelieving others


  • well I am gay and this stings.
    being a pinata for the GOP is a painful realist to accept.

    Thanks for your post. I take comfort in allies like you.

    By Blogger jay lassiter, at 4:42 PM  

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