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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

There's no way in Hell I stay silent on Election Night

Health issues have hit me hard enough to the point of being unable to blog since the last post in August-and it's followups, which will be posted soon, but all I could do was get angry at how desperate the GOP & Neocons got the nearer today crawled on the calendar

I remember how angry I was after W stole yet another election in '04, I also remember how much angrier I became when John Kerry didn't fight hard against the election results

Well, being a good sport didn't do much good for anyone except the same neocons, media whores & political operatives who already despised our Constitution, it's protections from an overzealous federal government, and it's restrictions on a federal government gone power mad

So, if I learned nothing else from the anger-inducing night of W beating Kerry, it was that setting up future spin by pointing out unpleasant realities for the neocons & their apologists/operatives

So, while I think the GOP is about to start it's long overdue and much needed Karmic Payback, I'm spinning in case the Dems somehow blow it yet again

Unfortunately for the rapidly dwindling number of true W believers, even if the GOP keeps both the House & Senate:

The US Troops in Iraq won't find their mission easier to accomplish, their enemies less angry & clever, enough effective body & vehicle armor, and unspoiled food & uncontaminated water

Nor would keeping the House & Senate lessen W's dismal response to Katrina, nor would it make the Feds suddenly more efficient, effective and competent in terms or responding to a natural disaster, or keep us safer from another terrorist attack on US Soil

The GOP's crashing & burning, and with the wingnut base of Dobson, Sun Myung Moon and others engaged in their own Jihad against the GOP's gay operatives, this battle won't be put off with a GOP victory today

That's what the next Congress has to look forward to, with the proviso that if the GOP does lose the House and/or Senate, the surviving GOP politicians will be furious with the Administration they unquestioningly tied themselves to so enthusiastically until now

Where's all that "Political Capital" W bragged he earned in 2004, because W's political pockets & wallet sure look empty right about now


  • KC, I usually check your blog every week or so. It's good to see you back. I'm so sorry you're so ill.

    I hope the good news of the election made you feel better. Both houses! Isn't that a gas?

    Rove isn't the genius everyone would have us believe, just another kool-aid drinker. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

    By Anonymous Kewalo, at 10:43 PM  

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