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Monday, May 19, 2008

Neocons Sense Their Political Downfall

The coming political massacre of the Neocons, and those still, irrationally, sticking with President Bush Jr is showing itself by how so many of the PNAC ilk are now trying to cover up their support, and roles, in enabling the most disastrous President and Administration in US History. In the past, this kind of historical scrubbing and revisionism couldn't be countered effectively, if at all.

Thanks to the internet, that's all changed.

And Exhibit 1 in this respect is Neocon Central, AKA The Project For A New American Century, the group that, more than any other fringe, far-right supporters of Bush Jr, successfully argued for the disastrous invasion & occupation of Iraq.

So, let's take a look at the PNAC site


Looks like there's a problem here, as the only text on the screen is

This Account Has Been Suspended
Please contact the billing/support department as soon as possible.

Looks like the neocons haven't paid their online bills, whether by design-because they know how unpopular they're about to get with the November elections, and the PNAC is trying to cover it's easy-to-follow tracks-or they feel the financial costs of web access are too expensive, or no longer necessary, in pushing their message.

The PNAC, and others of that ilk, know the less voter attention paid to them and their agendas, the better. Besides, the politicians who share the same views know about these extremist & radical groups, even though most of those politicians constituents probably don't. As long as influential people only-to the extent that's possible-who share the same views, know about & interact with PNAC's members, the more satisfied those neocons are.

But, thanks to something called "research by internet", the neocons PNAC site can still be seen in all its disreputable glory.

Not all the pages listed in the first link come up when clicked, but enough do to make searching around worthwhile

Search Results, 2002-2006

And doing just a little digging around from one page that's works, here's a real gem, one where it takes all sorts of meandering rhetoric to make up for not using the obvious term.

Where's The Word "Draft"?

Take note of everyone who signed the statement, if any of them are given media time for their views, the signers must explain if they're calling for the draft to replenish our over-stretched, under-armored and under-rested troops.

And if not the draft, just how do the more shifty signers envision rebuilding our military?

The PNAC idiots have a double whammy to deal with. They believed that military power alone was sufficient to prop up the US Empire, that those whose lands were occupied by the US military didn't matter, and couldn't do anything to stop the US War Machine.

But insurgents, with no tanks, planes or cannons in their arsenal, have been able to keep our forces bogged down in an untenable situation, a multi-sided conflict between the various factions in Iraq.

The same country which successfully fought the Axis powers in WWII, can't repeat that success in Iraq, a country with a broken military and lack of support to Saddam Hussein, two factors that should have made the Bush Jr policies easier to implement.

As shown by Bush Jr's abysmal leadership, the neocons and their policies are self-defeating in the extreme, which, in turn, has lead to the obvious loss of power, prestige and influence of the US towards those it says it opposes.

Al-Qaeda, Usama bin Laden, Iran and OPEC all have far less reason to fear or respect the US now than before the disastrous Iraq invasion & occupation.

That's the second irony for the neocons. Not only have their policies hastened the downfall of the US Empire they wanted to preserve for themselves, they've also made it far harder for future Administrations to use the military to pursue causes dear to the neocons radical agendas.

The neocons have shown a clear inability to govern sensibly, efficiently or competently. It will take them years to regain any public trust they may have had before the Iraq invasion & occupation.



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