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Thursday, August 23, 2007

A Change In Structure

As always, forgiveness for the tardy post, please

As of now, there's a sister site to this one

RK Articles Only

To quote from the initial, and perhaps only, post

Aside from this initial post, there will be no other commenting on the stories posted here, other than the Post Titles, although if, say a YouTube video makes perfect commentary, it may get posted as well

This site is to merely showcase the actual articles, in their entirety, that I comment on at the Royally Kranked blog

And while an article may be posted here, it may not be commented on at all, this is only a way to archive articles-linked to their published site-that will otherwise disappear behind pay-for-access firewalls after a certain amount of time

While I will link to the new blog for those who wish to read the whole articles, at the new site, the articles will be linked to their original source

This should cut down on the frustration of linking to an article that no longer shows up for free



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