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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Next Step, Possible Counterstep, And BIG Cudgel The Dems Can Still Play

So if I'm Karl Rove, a bad long-running fiasco hasn't gotten any easier to bear, not with Alberto Gonzales ever-shifting stories that change according to the parameters of each successive document dump from the DoJ

On the other hand, Rove's undoubtedly thanking his political lucky stars that in spite of everything arrayed against his client-an overwhelmingly unpopular President, a Hostile Congressional Opposition Majority, an unnecessary occupation that's not only overburdening the US military, but clearly hampering the National & State Guard & Reserves ability to respond effectively in the events of disasters here at home, along with empowering the same groups and individuals the US initially went after for the Sept 11 strikes, the Taliban, al-Qaeda and Usama bin Laden, and completely self-inflicted scandals and legal woes striking every Department, Agency and Bureau directly under the Executive Branch's control-the Dem leadership is still taking orders from the DLC, the same group that blundered and botched two straight Presidential elections against a candidate they should have beaten handily, and even though the public is overwhelming in its desire for this occupation to end, the Dem leadership trembles more in fear of a hissy fit from W than in a possible ballot-box Bitchslap come November, 2008

The Dems leadership spins this as a win in terms of all the money that's going to Katrina Victims, veterans care and other good causes

What's not acknowledged, however, is that this is money that was already appropriated, or should have been earmarked, so the Dems basically told W to give them what was already due the people that money was supposed to help, go to and serve

But now that the Dem leadership has once again fumbled badly at a time competent leadership demanded at least fighting back fiercely against this most vile of bullies occupying the Oval Office, they shouldn't expect this Administration to keep the celebrating and provocations to a minimum

If anything, now that the Dem leadership has infuriated the majority of its voters, look for this President to really rub their nose in it

So, expect to see at least one, maybe more, recess appointments be handed out while the Congress is on its Memorial Day break, and the more loathsome the candidates appointed this way, the more it's a strategy in keeping with how Rove and W operate, both bullies who enable the worst of the other to come out

Watch for W to issue more signing statements attempting to castrate the bills the Dems traded their timeline for

Don't be surprised if the Administration reacts in an especially churlish manner to any claims, demands or subpoenas issued during the break, and refuses to comply with any requests or demands from the Congress

In short, to build up some badly needed aggressive momentum with its wingnut, warmongering, ChickenHawk, Neocon base, this Administration and the GOP are going to ratchet up the insults and jabs aimed at the Dems during the Memorial Day Break

This Administration and GOP pushback on the Dems collapse will be infuriating to deal with, it will be absolutely enraging, it will be vile and cause spikes in blood pressure and hostility, and it will produce much gloating among people absolutely ravenous for another taste of the power they felt on W's second inauguration, when all was right and proper in their nasty little worlds

What will make this gloating hardest to bear will be the likelihood that it won't be countered by the Dems, that we'll have to eat it and choke hard, just like we did when W supposedly "won" both elections

But there's one strategy that could, if properly played by the Dem leadership, not only galvanize all us irate libs and anti-war voters, but instantly turn the tables leading to howls of fury and unsalved anger from those gloating the loudest right about now

Since the 2008 budgets will start coming up for Congressional votes in September, the Dems should say "enough" to funding all right

That is, funding the Executive Branch

I'm not talking about zeroing-out budgets for the agencies, departments and bureaus under Executive Branch control, just funding for the Executive Branch itself, it's functions and personnel who work exclusively at the White House

Pass the various budgets, then let the Administration shift funds around, like it already does, to keep itself operating

And if the argument arises that such a punitive, spiteful act is illegal, or somehow beyond Congress' purview, then let Congress pay as much heed to the laws and separation of powers that W does, and then go the extra step

Let Congress issue a signing statement of its own, namely, that they apportion to themselves the right to cancel out Presidential signing statements, preemptively blocking W's ability to undercut the very bills he signs into law

Forcing the issue is exactly what the Administration, GOP and their rapidly dwindling number of true believers will never expect in the midst of their gloating, it would be a way to hit back as hard at a clearly out of control President as he enjoys lashing out at everyone else, and it would instantly regain the Dem leadership a measure of now non-existent trust from its very angry base

With or without the Dems help, the GOP collapse is already under way, as the party knows that it can't count on help from an embattled, bunkered-down Administration, yet still hasn't found enough strength to toss the President and Cheney over the political rail, in spite of the smacking the voters gave the GOP and Administration's Iraq policy in the November 2006 elections

The GOP needs to be pushed off the political ledge, and the Dems can't do that by giving W everything he wants every time he throws a hissy fit and stamps his little feetsies in whiny petulance

So, like so many parents when they threaten to "give you something to cry about", let the Dems give W something to throw a temper tantrum over, just like taking a favored belonging away from a spoiled brat

Zero Out the Executive Branch Funding At The First Available Opportunity



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