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Sunday, January 07, 2007

A Few Points About Iraq, Sacrifice & The Neocons

1. According to the voters & polls I've seen, To Escalate Troops strength is a radical position, to begin a withdrawal stretching over the next year is the mainstream view

2. We've already tried a troop escalation, just this past summer

It failed, miserably, just like every single other post-invasion strategy pushed by our completely failed "War President"

3. Any further escalation of troops puts the strain on the US military here at home, particularly in the ability of the all too often serving-in-Iraq National Guard & Reserves to respond effectively to any natural disasters, something we saw to devastating effect on the Gulf Coast and New Orleans after Katrina

Forget that BS about "Fight them there so we don't fight them here", for those who died because they didn't get Guard & Reserve help in time after Katrina, their deaths are directly due to a military invasion and disastrous occupation based on nothing but flat-out lies

The Neocons, so quick to think untrammeled US Military power would lead to a stronger US Empire, one they would call a "Benevolent Hegemony", have now fueled an ever-quicker crumbling of the same US Empire that fuels their lunatic, blood-soaked desires of spreading death, pain, misery, grief and anger, so much growing anti-US anger and venom around the world

4. The mistake in Iraq did not take place when US troop levels weren't escalated a few years ago, the mistake was going into Iraq in the first place

5. To supposedly combat the spread of religious extremism in the middle east, W's actions have strengthened Iran and Hezbollah, while undercutting the secular leaders in Iraq

6. The longer the US stays in Iraq, the more likely we'll take sides between the Sunni & Shia, which will lead to the US military taking part in ethnic cleansing and genocide, acts already occurring while the US military is in Iraq and on patrol

7. The longer the US stays in Iraq, the more likely will be further, horrific examples of abused & tortured Iraqis under US control-just like at Abu Ghraib-and further allegations of US troops raping & slaughtering Iraqi civilians, acts often carried out by troops paying the front-line price for their civilian commanders complete lack of effective, rational leadership

8. This President is the absolute LAST person to talk about "sacrifice", shared or otherwise, during War, he's sacrificed absolutely nothing for his catastrophic leadership as a "War President"

President Bush Jr deliberately sent troops into combat without enough effective body & vehicle armor

President Bush Jr hasn't attended even ONE military funeral, or lead a National Memorial Service honoring those who have fallen in Iraq and Afghanistan, yet there's no shortage of fund-raises he attends or special-interest legislation he won't sign at the first chance, as we saw during the depraved depths during the Terri Schiavo fiasco

By diverting such enormous Human Capital and Material Treasure from Afghanistan and into Iraq, President Bush Jr has allowed the Taliban to come back in power along the border with Pakistan, and has further allowed Usama bin Laden to bankroll further attacks and plots against US interests worldwide, possibly on US soil as well

On a side note, with the US military bogged down in the Iraq quagmire, just what's logically preventing a further terrorist attack on US soil, and why is such an attack MORE likely with US troops deployed out of Iraq and back here at home?

9. There's not a level of Hell deep, miserable or permanent enough for This President, his War Counsel, The Neocons still pushing this War or their still-enthusiastic Media & Blogger quislings & lackeys

The Iraq effort is lost, completely and permanently, and the US is headed towards the same humiliating exit from Iraq that we went through with Vietnam, and those who still back escalating US troops levels KNOW that those deaths, sacrificed limbs and lost minds might as well be on the side of the Iraq insurgents, and might as well be detonating those IED's themselves

No more ChickenHawk hypocrisy, those who still back escalating US troop levels in Iraq, while at the same time ridiculing those they disagree with as "cowards" or "on the side of the terrorists", those who still expound empty rhetoric about "fighting the terrorists there so as not to fight the terrorists here" need to put their words into practice by getting themselves to the fighting ASAP, THEY need to fight the terrorists "over there" instead of spouting their "Know-Nothing" nonsense "over here"

The time has come to end the folly of Iraq, just as the time has come for the Neocons to see what a permanent disgrace they and their views are to the political & social mainstream voters in this country

It's time to ensure that further lunatic Neocon blood-soaked death fantasies remain just that, fantasies, which never have a chance to take place again in the real world on an already overbrutalized, unwilling and undeserving populace

The people of Iraq have suffered due to US political leaders for decades, it's time to stop putting them through Hell to further too-often selfish US interests


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