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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Pope Razi The Nazi Blesses Genocide & Forced Religious Conversion-Oh, And Falwell Died Too

This is a perfect example of why I left the Catholic Church almost 20 years ago, the pernicious influence of those more addicted to worldly power than doing good for the least amongst us

I have a feeling Benedict's in for a metaphysical Bitchslapping for this crack-brained BS when he passes on

Brazil Indigenous Groups Fault Pope Talk

Indian rights groups are criticizing Pope Benedict XVI for insisting that Latin American Indians wanted to become Christian before European conquerors arrived centuries ago.

The pope said Sunday that pre-Columbian people of Latin America and the Caribbean were seeking Christ without realizing it. "Christ is the savior for whom they were silently longing," Benedict told a regional conference of bishops in Brazil.

So, those forced to accept religious dogma at the point of spears and barrels of cannons were "silently longing" for the misery such dogma guaranteed back then, and we're supposed to accept that Pope Ratzi the Nazi is some kind of egghead, or towering intellect?

But Paulo Suess, an adviser to Brazil's Indian Missionary Council, said Monday that the comments fail to account for the fact that Indians were enslaved and killed by the Portuguese and Spanish settlers who forced them to become Catholic.

The comments not only "fail to account for", they are spin of the most repulsive type, an after-the-fact justification for acts clearly unjustifiable if Christ's words are the markers of Catholic theology

That Benedict felt free enough to utter such twaddle is an indicator of just how much the mission of outreach to the poor and powerless has become perverted to Benedict's pursuit of religious power to benefit the already powerful and affluent

Benedict "is a good theologian, but it seems he missed some history classes," said Suess, whose council is supported by the Roman Catholic Church.

No, Benedict is NOT "a good theologian" with this rhetoric, he's explicitly endorsing the forced persecution and natural-resource rape of those the Church benefited from victimizing for centuries, there's just no way to spin this speech in any other fashion

The pope told the bishops that, "the proclamation of Jesus and of his Gospel did not at any point involve an alienation of the pre-Columbus cultures, nor was it the imposition of a foreign culture."

So, it was just such a happy-for the Church anyways-coinkydink that forced religious conversions weren't actually "the imposition of a foreign culture"?

No doubt, it was the indigenous peoples themselves who forced themselves to convert for the glory and gain of the Catholic Church, an interesting proposition to be sure, much like the also interesting proposition that heresy such as a non-flat Earth spinning around the sun required people be tortured to death to show God's wisdom in giving us the most wondrous object of all, our minds

It's becoming apparent that Pope Ratzi the Nazi has no problems with theologically-supported genocide, or raping a people of their natural resources that the Church wasn't blessed by God to control from the start

But Marcio Meira, who is in charge of Brazil's federal Indian Bureau, said Indians were forced to convert to Catholicism as the result of a "colonial process."

"As an anthropologist and a historian I feel obliged to say that, yes, in the past 500 years there was an imposition of the Catholic religion on the indigenous people," Meira said.

In Guatemala, where 42 percent of the nation's 12 million people call themselves Indian, the former presidential commissioner on racism said the pope's comments were a step backward.

"To say that there was no imposition is a falsification in light of the history if those that did not accept the faith were flagellated," said Ricardo Cajas.

Brazil once had an estimated 2,000 Indian tribes, but many have died out or assimilated into the general population since the nation was settled by the Portuguese in the 16th century, according to the Indian Missionary Council. Brazil's 2000 census found about 700,000 Indians in Latin America's most populous country.

So it's not enough to spin this warped hypocrisy in a way that Benedict absurdly hopes will find favor today, no, Pope Ratzi the Nazi is sliming the victims of the religiously and materially based genocide his organization helped encourage and carry out, as is shown by the following

Benedict said that indigenous Latin Americans formed "a synthesis between their cultures and the Christian faith which the missionaries were offering them."

Of course the Latin Americans "formed a synthesis between their cultures and the Christian faith which the missionaries were offering them", after all, the indigenous peoples had long-established religious practices and natural resources that they couldn't wait to change and give away to the Catholic Crusaders who stumbled upon their thriving societies

And even more surely, according to Benedict, those peoples were just begging to be tortured into religious conversion, and couldn't wait to be relieved of their worldly goods, actions & results helpfully brought about by the Church at the time

He added that any return by those indigenous populations to their original religions "would be a step back."

So, I guess that rules out any chances that, in order to prove his point of the supposed supremacy of his faith, Benedict will offer to return any and all gold, silver or other valuable minerals to their proper indigenous owners, fully confident that those dispossessed of such materials are more than happy how their ancestors involuntarily enriched the same Church which now supports their genocide and rape of centuries-long duration

For anyone who can try and spin genocide and rape of natural resources for their own benefit as being somehow "Christian", well, there's not a level of Hell deep, permanent or miserable enough to contain their sick hypocrisy and evil souls

And speaking of sick hypocrites, Jerry Falwell died

While I won't mock the pain his loved ones are going through, I certainly won't grieve or lose the least amount of sleep over this truly evil and unhinged slimy religious hypocrite, not with all the hateful rhetoric Falwell was so quick to dish out to all who didn't agree with his willfully ignorant and deliberate perversion of the deity he claimed to follow

Falwell had no problem deliberately inflicting pain on those who didn't deserve it in the least, he was a vile bastard who would have been the first to scourge Christ, bind him to wood with spikes of steel, mock Jesus enthusiastically, drag the Crown of Thorns on Christ's scalp and spear his side as Jesus died upon the Cross

If there's a Hell, I have no doubt Falwell's roasting there now

And irony of ironies, it appears God finds more favor with Falwell's most infamous antagonist, Larry Flynt, seeing as how Flynt's still alive and kicking



  • Would you care to cite any evidence that the Catholic Church engaged in forced conversions or had anything whatsoever to do with any alleged “genocide” in Latin America? Lefties make this baseless claim based on this:
    Insofar as the above link concerns the Church, it has the following:
    “There was also a ’subtle kind of cultural genocide’ committed by the Spanish missions which abounded in Mexico, California, Louisiana and elsewhere. Lemkin notes that ‘while most of the Indians may not have been converted by actual force, it may well be assumed that they had little idea of either Christianity or the life and burdens in store for them after baptism’. Once they yielded to the admonitions of the fathers, their fate was sealed, they could no longer escape from the reach of the church, or the mission. The missionaries, for example in a church in San Francisco, gave mass in Latin and Spanish, and made no effort to learn the native tongue.”
    Celebrating Mass in Latin and Spanish but not the Indians’ native tongue is “genocide”??? And this is from a far left source and, as such, is I assume the most inculpating evidence that exists against the Church. The brutality of the pre-Christian Indian cultures was, everyone agrees, horrifying — human sacrifices, brutal slavery, mass killings, etc. No wonder the Indians converted so readily when they were told of Christ. Pope Benedict was right.
    Where a better case that a serious crime was committed against the native Indians is precisely where the Catholic Church did not predominate: North America. Ever wonder why still today one sees native Americans all over Latin America but not North America? It is because the Americans either killed the Indians or shunted them off to reservations. In Latin America, by contrast, the Church demanded humane treatment of the Indians as She sought to save their precious souls.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:27 PM  

  • Spin it any way you'd like, the Pope clearly approved of what was done to the indigenous tribes in the Church's name

    Let him give back their materials-gold, silver, etc-to show the Church is sorry for whatever part it played in the genocide and forced conversions of the tribes

    Since Ratzi the Nazi won't do that, it's obvious he has no problems justifying genocide and raping a people of their natural resources, while claiming it's what Jesus would have done

    Sorry, Jesus would take the side of the oppressed over their oppressors in this case

    Any complaints you have, take it up with Christ or the Pope, as I'm not the one justifying genocide or raping tribes of their riches

    By Blogger KingCranky II, at 11:09 AM  

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