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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day

Because I got my sense of humor from my Dad, I'm posting nothing today but laughariffic stuff, vids and articles, so Dad, Happy Father's Day, I can't say it any plainer than I am SO proud to be your kid

On some of these clips, if you want the full monitor size visual, click the text link, then click the small button on the bottom right side of the video player

Say Hello To Sofa King

The Greatest Salesman Ever-Except For Bibles-Edwin Childress

The All Drug Olympics

Father Of The Year, Len Datillo

Learn All About The Art Of Cork Soaking

The Pipe Gag

And to wrap it up, one of the absolute greatest gags ever, a few minor glitches with the video, sure wish I knew Italian

The Screaming, Motorcycle Riding Skeleton



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