Royally Kranked

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Apparently, reality is as tough a sell to Tom DeLay as it is to President Jr

Seriously, can DeLay be whistling at any higher a pitch walking past the political graveyard?

Asked if Republicans needed to scale back their agenda given recent setbacks including his indictment and perceived failures of President George W. Bush in Iraq and in the aftermath of devastating Hurricane Katrina, DeLay said "Absolutely not. In fact we need to be more aggressive."

He predicted party gains in 2006 mid-term elections.

Our opponents, the Democrats, have no agenda. ... Their only agenda is this kind of politics of personal destruction. ... When people see what this is really about they will be so upset with the Democrats you might see the biggest Republican election in this country in a very long time.

Yeah Tom, the whole country will rally behind you at the same time genuine GOP moderates-Like Jim Leach & Chris Shays & conservatives like Zach Wamp-are getting ready to chuck you over the political railing

Oh, and Tom, dearie, just one little observation

The longer Roy Blunt holds the House Majority Leader spot, the more likely it is he'll want to keep that job for himself

And wouldn't that just kill you Tom, having to take orders from someone who was your flunkie as late as last week

With his above blather, I think DeLay-The Hammer-ran into something he couldn't deal with

A BIGGER hammer, called a criminal indictment


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