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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Hope you packed a lunch, this may take awhile to chew through

Before dissecting President Jr's speech, I thought it odd he delivered this "Major" address in front of a live audience, and in the mid-morning as well, as opposed to the traditional Prime Time White House setting

Then again, W's last major address, delivered without the benefit of a live audience in Jackson Square, New Orleans did not a thing to move his still-dropping approval ratings upward in the least, and actually did even more PR damage when it was learned that even though New Orleans had a pressing and dire need for electricity and lights, President Jr's handlers packed up the generators and klieg lights, and went home

So, what of the speech today, was there anything new in W's Iraq playbook-aside from the usual suspects of:

ignore reality, claim the delusional as the actual/honor dead soldiers & troops with more dead soldiers & troops/commending the troops as a group but not seeing the individual faces making up that group/starting a pre-emptive war without first ensuring military personnel would be adequately trained, staffed & equipped with effective body & vehicle armor/honoring those who died in service to their country by banning, as much as possible, any pictures of the end result of his folly, the flag covered caskets/putting corrupt cronies in charge of the taxpayer-funded treasury via no-bid contracts with as little financial, legal or ethical oversight as possible/creating the world's largest and most effective terrorist training & recruiting base far more quickly and efficiently than Al-Qaeda ever could/unleashing an ever growing horde of suicidal fanatics upon both US troops & Iraqi civilians, victims of a war they had nothing to do with until the invasion/

I guess the answer is a very humble "NO"

Now, as for the speech.....


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