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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Great day for the libbies.

Not so great for the Conservatives & deregulation types

As, in a story that hasn't gotten any network play that I can see, the GOP has to face up to what can only be described as a humiliating setback, considering how all the conditions are there for the GOP to slam dunk this issue once and for all.

The "Mighty GOP Monolith" groans to a dull stop, collapsing under it's own arrogance, an unbridled hubris that appeared to reach it's zenith on Election Night 2004

Give it up GOP, the fight to drill in ANWR is OVER

If the GOP couldn't get the publics overwhelming support for opening up ANWR immediately after September 11, and the GOP can't count on a clamor of outraged consumers screaming over the high price of gasoline to pry open ANWR, then it's time for the deregulation types in the GOP to admit defeat, and try to recover from such a humiliating defeat

Sure, Rep Pombo SAYS he's going to bring the ANWR drilling issue up again, but if GOP can't get the public on their side as of yesterday, then there's no reason to think the wilderness will be drilled or developed, let alone heavily, anytime in the foreseeable future

What went for ANWR above, also goes for Offshore Drilling as well

And ain't that just such a DAMN shame?


Since the GOP has given up on ANWR drilling, it looks like it's "Plan B" territory that must carry the GOP's special interests agenda

Oh, and I can't end without showing two quotes that will cause President Jr's more fanatical followers heads to explode from sheer outrage at the following comparison between President jr and.....

"Some critics said the new campaign was reminiscent of President Jimmy Carter's conservation efforts in the late 1970s when he urged Americans to turn their thermostats down in the winter and wear sweaters indoors to ward off the cold......Bodman rejected suggestions that the program smacked of the Carter era, which Republicans widely deride as a time of weak leadership. "The situation we are facing is a very different one than in the past," Bodman said. "The genesis came about because of significant damage to the energy infrastructure'' caused by the two storms that knocked out oil and gas production and refining and pipeline capacity in the Gulf Coast, he said"

Well, it IS a good comparison, as President Jr is also guiding the US with his miasmatic & bumbling leadership style


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