Royally Kranked

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

So, let's review the Downpour of Biblical Proportions God's drenching the GOP with right now

Tom DeLay-3 criminal indictments

Jack Abramoff-1 criminal indictment

Bill Frist-being investigated for Insider Trading, Family's Corporation, Health Care Titan HCA-also under investigation by the Securities & Exchange Commission

Karl Rove-under Grand Jury investigation for leaking identity of CIA Operative Valerie Plame

Lewis Libby-Same as Rove

Ohio GOP-virtually entire state leadership of GOP being implicated in widening scandal involving $13 Million in missing rare coins used to finance Ohio Workers Compensation Bureau

President Jr-Public fed up with disastrous Iraq Invasion, public infuriated over lethally slow Federal Response to Hurricane Katrina, faith in cronyism for picking Harriett Miers as Supreme court replacement for Sandra O'Connor splits base, various factions now attacking each other

And now, open rebellion in the House GOP ranks

House Republican leaders have been sparring for most of this year with the conservative wing of the party, but an increasingly restless group of centrists is presenting them with a new headache......One of them — the Gasoline for America’s Security Act — passed 212-210 last week, but only after leaders kept the roll-call vote open for more than 40 minutes as they scrambled for votes. Thirteen Republicans, most of them centrists, opposed the bill.

The kicker?

At the same time the Dems are finally voting as a completely unified block on this issue, GOP members are splitting into competing factions, and the split's getting more brazen

But in a move more telling of angst in the conference, five centrists opposed the rule allowing the measure to be considered on the floor......The rebellion of the five on the gasoline-bill rule was the biggest against any rule in the 109th Congress and the first time that a chairman — Sherwood Boehlert (R-N.Y.), chairman of the House Science Committee — had broken ranks. Most rule votes, even for controversial bills such as the one that called for consideration of the Central America Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA), fall along strict party lines......Boehlert was so opposed to the gasoline measure that he circulated a “Dear Colleague” letter blasting the legislation, saying it would increase the deficit, harm the environment and “give charity to the oil companies while doing virtually nothing to help consumers.”

Apparently, the sensible side of the House GOP is deciding it's FINALLY had enough of the antics of the corrupt, ethically bankrupt vermin like Tom DeLay & superlobbyist Jack Abramoff

Don't expect these five GOP moderates-Boehlert, Castel, Leach, Shays & Johnson to be the last to openly break from the DeLay wing of the House GOP

And for a further hoot, definitely check out Dem Ed Markey's spot-on analysis of how the GOP Leadership is being squeezed-HARD-from all sides


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