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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

In spite of it's overwhelming approval in the Senate, President Jr is threatening to veto the military spending bill if it includes prohibitions on any kinds of torture

Now, maybe for this President, torture means going with an empty shot-glass for all of 30 seconds, but in the real world, REAL torture is something that President Jr will never have to worry about undergoing

The mindset of those who torture, or encourage it's use, is chilling in it's utter lack of empathy for anyone else, an inability to ever see that circumstances have ways of changing in an instant, and an absolute shock when one so all fired up to inflict pain suddenly finds themselves on the sharp end of the blade, the bare end of the electric wires, the slender end of the reed shoved under the nails

Is it all right to torture children if their parents won't or can't provide supposedly legit info?

Is it all right to kill children in front of their parents to get information?

The absolute enthusiasm this Administration shows for allowing and encouraging the deliberate infliction of physical pain on those helpless to resist & defend themselves is nothing short of vile or wretched, and an absolute guarantee that torture WILL be carried out on US troops captured during combat

I have yet to see or learn of an enemy routed on the battlefield via information gleaned under sever physical duress

The ONLY word that applies to those who carry out torture, OR enthusiastically support it's use, is "COWARD"

That President Jr would veto a bill because it doesn't allow torture says far more about the barbaric, animalistic side of President Jr's self-inflated ego than it does about anyone tortured for whatever reason

I'm sure vetoing the bill will go over VERY well in Iraq, and I would like to see President Jr veto the bill in Baghdad, on live tv for the entire Middle East to see for themselves, then, he could bask in the glory & congratulations sure to flow forth from those Iraqis he's liberated from their former torturing OverLord, Saddam Hussein

But that would take a display of true belief that President Jr would NOT have under those circumstances, a wisdom that President Jr will NEVER possess, understand or act on


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