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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Just peachy keen wonderful

Yet another natural disaster unfolds, this time an earthquake, a BIG earthquake-7.8 on the Richter scale last I heard-that's torn hard into villages in both Pakistan and India

Over 1,000 dead at this point, and that numbers will only rise, as will the misery of the survivors looking for their loved ones, their friends.

On the plus side, FEMA under the wonderful leadership of Brownie has nothing to do with the rescue & relief operations so desparately needed for the victims at this time

On the minus side, India & Pakistan are traditionally hostile neighbors, currently arguing over the possession of a disputed slice of land, Kashmir

And, of course, the real kicker

Pakistan & India are nuclear powers, with both influenced by the other to possess nuclear bombs ASAP

Yeah, hostile neighbors with nuclear weapons, a long-standing suspicion of the other's motives and now a continuing disaster-in terms of the aftershocks still rocking the strike zone-to deal with

No reason at all for concern about an eruption of hostilities between Pakistan & India right about now, not at all


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