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Saturday, October 08, 2005

More Schadenfreude Gloating

With all the problems swirling around the GOP, the most satisfying aspect is the one that happened this week, as President Jr's base, "The Haves & The Have Mores" are tearing into each other something fierce over Harriett Miers nomination to replace O'Connor on the Supreme Court

It's so heartening to see the base start dragging each other down as it relates to dealing with President Jr, I know my blood pressure's actually DROPPED a few points from laughing at the braying and blather, the sound and the fury emanating from that 1% President Jr believed gave him a mandate, "Poltiical Capital" that on election night looked to be as deep as Bill Gates bank account

That political capital is now spent, with only some lint mixed in with the pocket change at this point, and the right-wing infighting is one of the best free freak-shows I've ever been privileged to witness

And in what will surely be a horrific irony when pointed out to those whining how President Jr's "Trust Me" is no longer a good idea now that it's being asked of the Frightwingers, I say welcome to the club

The club of "Where The Fuck Else You Gonna Go Sherlock"?

Us liberals had to deal with this reality after Bill Clinton came into the Presidency and, usually at Dick Morris (AKA Toe-Sucking Sewer Rat) urgings, tamped down most of his liberal tendencies

We were told constantly by the DLC that our opinions were irrelevant and that there was really no other place we could take our business to, and in that respect, despicable as it is, they were right

There really was no other place we could flock to, not without building a national organization from the ground up, and not when the Democratic Party was an established presence at the National level

And us liberals gritted our teeth every time the DLC played the "Republican Lite" card, knowing there was no where else we could make any kind of a positive impact other than the local level, as the DLC made sure to open the campaign pursestrings for only the blandest & most milquetoast of political candidates

And now, the harderlines of President Jr's base have finally experienced the same internal exile us libs did thanks to the DLC

I shed no tears for these evil scumbags, the Modern Day Pharisees who thought they actually set the GOP agenda at the national level. They fooled themselves into voting for an empty suit, thinking he would be eager to implement their unChristian policies and attacking those the MDP's condemned

And the proof that they were suckered in by Karl Rove?

Well, which agenda did President Jr push hard on right after the election, the business or the religious?

Easy answer, as President Jr and the Congress & Senate moved quickly to implement a set of very anti-consumer legislation & laws before moving onto trying to remake society in the image the Modern Day Pharisees wanted

So, again, to the hardliners whining about how President Jr sold them out with the Miers nomination, I say welcome to the club of "Where The Fuck Else You Gonna Go Sherlock?"


  • Great post, King.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:04 PM  

  • Say hello to the new Independent Christian Party. The reality is that the republicans need the Christian base's numbers and local engagement, more than the Christain base needs the republican machine's money and resources.

    Liberal's have had no single unifying doctrine and therefore have had a very difficult time organizing a viable third party. Look at the Green party as an example of the types of problems involved.

    The broad articles of faith within Christian religion serve as a powerful idealogical glue. This has been the case for longer than the US has been around.

    Liberalism by contrast is not an organized religion or even a coherent movement.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:48 PM  

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