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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I don't usually rip myself off, but I thought this rant I whipped up in under 30 minutes was one of my better efforts to self-plagiarize.

Also included at the start of the rant are replies to various posters, and some end up showing the futility of going unarmed into a battle of wits and rants with ol' kc

So, in that respect, I take my soapbox and gnash my teeth, wailing over the problems befalling the increasingly hapless GOP

In the end, Abramoff, Rove, Grover Norquist & DeLay all were operating from the same mindset, that of ensuring a permanent one-party political superiority with just enough Democrats to ensure the appearance of a real political opposition

The moneymaking flood that engulfed the GOP via Abramoff, DeLay, Ralph Reed, Grover Norquist, Adam Kidan & Michael Scanlon washed away all pretensions of "law abiding" for the GOP as a whole & "Ethically consistent" in particular for members of the GOP

In their world, thinking small was a result that yielded nowhere near the profits that pushing dollar amounts to their legal, moral & ethical edge did

When raking in wave after swollen wave of ill-gotten campaign contributions & lobbying funds, it becomes easy to think of political power, huge amounts of money & real-world influence as all tied up in a form of deservedly inherited "divine leadership from above", and all who don't agree with such rosy platitudes as the "enemy" seeking to bring down the popular society, ie "the world & its political levers just the way I like them-with MY hands in charge"

It's that arrogance that's led to the present day problems the GOP is being overwhelmed with via the political tidal wave named "Jack Abramoff"

It's an attitude of unrepentant hubris that's befouling-justifiably-the present day GOP leadership of both the politcal & extreme-religious wing of the GOP

It took the Dems 40 years to reach the point of public distaste hard enough to dislodge the House from the Dems leadership, it's only taken the GOP 10 years to achieve the same public disgust

It becomes harder & harder to defend ideologies that see nebulous gay agendas behind the most goofy & sweet-tempered of cartoon characters, deliberately outing CIA agents for political pique, pushing an extremely grotesque perversion under the misnamed "family values" in the Terri Schiavo GOP Fiasco and a War President who insanely blithers that the only way to honor those killed in a war in no way needed by the US is to get more underequipped-via enough effective body & vehicle armor-troops killed as well

This is a party, the GOP, that insists on bearing upon the backs of the poorest, sickest & youngest of US citizens the harsh fiscal realities endemic to passing & permanently extending tax cuts that overwhelmingly benefit only those at the very top of the already shrinking skinny economic ladder

Any party that sends US troops into battle underequipped with body & vehicle armor, balances huge tax cuts & permanent extensions of said cuts against the real-world programs that serve the weakest, youngest & most needy in this society, pushes a grotesque "anti-individual" agenda in the falsely named "family values" case embodied by Terri Schiavo and deliberately overlooks it's responsibility to keep the Executive Branch in politcal check as the most shameless lapdogs & lackeys of the Administration is NOT the party that can best keep the US and it's people safe, something we all saw when the President decided to stay on Vacation for an additional trhee days after Katrina hit, New Orleans drowned, and people died waiting for their Government which so drastically & miserably failed when it counted the most

Just watch though, the damage that the Good Ship Abramoff is about to wreak on the GOP is going to be worse in terms of ended & disgraced political careers than even Watergate inflicted on the Republicans

Worse Than Watergate


  • Too bad the rest of America can't read this article. If they read this and many others like them, the President would be impeached as well as Tom Delay along with the rest of the cronies

    By Blogger AMYADOPTEE, at 5:01 PM  

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