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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Sick, Sick, Sick, Sick Evil Scum Sucking Vile Repulsive & Arrogant Moral and Ethical Hypocrites

This group of theological thugs, bullies & extremists are losing their grip on political power, and since they know they can't reverse their inevitable decline, they intend to make as many nonbelieveing/unwilling others as miserable as they are

Two small posts from the same page
cannot go unresponded to, it's bullying of the worst, most arrogant sort, a bullying that spreads misery, pain and anguish to those already hurting, and these theological bullies pervert the teachings of their supposed Messiah, a deity they dishonor & blaspheme against at EVERY opportunity, here are some PERFECT examples of the Modern Day Pharisees, both individual and group mindset

First, one Christian extremist says that the families of the miners killed in West Virginia weren't holy enough on a regular basis when they prayed to God to keep their loved ones safe.

The enormous cruelty of the "miscommunications" of resigned sorrow & grief swinging to the most joyous & ecstatic of miracles, of hope fulfilled and second chances granted.

And then.......

Due to understandably letting their defenses down-thanks to lack of sleep among other reasons-having that joy put through the most brutal of mental & emotional meatgrinders by hearing the real death toll of their loved ones in the Sago Mine, those families have undergone the most horrific of public experiences

How many of us were absolutely thankful that wasn't us or any people we cared about, how many of us felt that very thankful layer of necessary detachment that let us both feel like we were kicked in the gut BUT without the mindnumbing, heartwrenching grief that strikes any survivors whose loved ones die the most public of deaths?

Keep all that crushing, overwhelming & devastating grief in a West Virginia town in the front of your memory when reading this

Conservative Christian leader Rob Schenck of the National Clergy Council said yesterday that, although millions of prayers were being offered across the nation, he was struck by the irony of the situation, which he feels demonstrates a sad truth about America. "We often turn to God only when we feel like nothing else can be done," Schenck notes. "And, in the Bible, God rebuked nations who only turned to Him in their most extreme moments of need." But sadly, the Christian activist observes, "That has been our tradition in the United States. Whenever we find ourselves in a situation where we get to the end of our own resources, we turn to God." Schenck says it is ironic that a culture that tries to banish God from its existence seeks His intervention under circumstances like the tragedy that unfolded in West Virginia this week.

Where do you even start to bitchslap this jerkoff for all the malicious joy at others' suffering he's spouting off here?

The absolute coldness with that passage should convince all that it's not Christ they worship, not the Christ of the new Testament,

Don't let the calm affect fool you, even though he's not using any exclamation marks in his speaking, Schenck's definitely excited by the thought of God grimly punishing those not sanctimonious enough to the liking of the God the Modern Day Pharisees worship

Just how in the HELL were the families NOT worthy of God's hearing & acting on their prayers, why would a God who created all time and space insist on cruelly raising the formerly dashed hopes of previously grieving families only to dash those hopes even more cruelly than before?

Does Schenck even understand the pain his attitude deliberately inflicts on the grieving survivors, how in the world is his weak-faithed, hypocritical moralizing indicative of ANY of Christ's qualities in the New Testament?

I want him to point out publicly, just where in the New Testament Jesus agreed with inflicting that cruel pain & callous heart on those suffering and turning to Christ for the strength to carry on during the most horrific of public ordeals

He calls himself a "Christian"?

Then let him humble himself before God-PUBLICLY-begging forgiveness of his hard attitude towards those already in a deeper state of grief than any of us would like or consent to

Or we could go with the logical, the stuff that's easy enough to check out

Names, verifiable facts that people have been persecuted by the Federal Government and punished or incarcerated for the sole or even primary reason of being a Christian-as long as that version of "Christian" is based in the New Testament

I want to see houses lost, I want to see revoked or called-in-far-too-early mortgages, I want to see money taken out of wallets & food taken off tables, on numerous experiences no less, before I'll ever believe such an idiotic claim that the majority religion in this country is under Governmental assault that locks people up, costs them their jobs, friends & families and all on the basis of where they spend 1 hour per week praising the same God they ignore so blatantly during the week.

In short, with Schenk's claim, I'm not taking it on faith, I want verifiable facts & evidence

Sorry, can't believe in the Old Testament AND Jesus at the same time, not logically

Schenck is not a "Christian", he's an "Old Testamentalist", far more at home when dreaming of all the righteous wrath God inflicted on those weak-faithed, or even unbelieving, grieving survivors of the Sago Disaster

And just when you can't get any more angered or appalled, while Brother Schenck's attitude WAS reprehensible-from the perspective of honoring Christ-it didn't cause the real world damage THESE miserable slugs did these idiots filed a legal brief to help stop a lesbian couple from jointly adopting a 1 year old

Nevertheless, the two lesbian women who were providing foster care for the one-year-old filed their petition and were granted the adoption. However, the Morgan Juvenile Court ruled it invalid under Indiana law. Glen Lavy, senior vice president of ADF's Marriage Litigation Center, says two unmarried adults living together are legally ineligible to adopt a child for good reason. "Indiana adoption laws reflect the fact that cohabitation is not the equivalent of marriage," he asserts, "and these laws are set in place for the protection of children. Adoption should always be in the child's best interests." ADF filed its amicus brief at the invitation of the Indiana Court of Appeals. The brief points out that adoption laws must be consistent with state family law and granting a joint adoption petition to unmarried couples is inconsistent with established Indiana law. The brief also notes that studies indicate children fare better when raised by a married mother and father.

Understand-the women are probably going to lose on the legal challenge, although at some point that horrible oversight will be corrected by letting gay couples take care of Foster kids and adopt unwanted children that so many individuals & couples refuse to do

And the last line

Randy Wenger, the ADF-allied attorney who wrote the brief, says this case "shouldn't be about politics and catering to a radical left-wing agenda," but should instead focus on what is best for the child.

So, "Best For The Child"=yet another group of self-appointed bluenoses, moralizers & ethicists who find it better to actively tear an adopted foster child apart from parents who obviously care for the child as much and as deeply as any blood related family

Obviously it's better to cause immense & excruciating pain to foster & adoptive parents than it is for the child to live in a happy, stable home with enthusiastically doting parents

How does tearing the family apart square with Jesus' mission to comfort the poor, the sick & the powerless amongst us?

I missed that part of the Gospels, where Christ urged his followers/believers to go out and needlessly torment a child in need of a good & stable home, and all because the God who created the Universe, all space, and all time, is gravely troubled by the sexual preferences of God's creations

As Christians, where, SPECIFICALLY-in the New Testament were the ADF & Wenger charged by God or Jesus to make life as miserable as possible for children simply because one finds the parents sexual preference unacceptable to their own lives or attitudes or mindsets?

Make no mistake, these self-appointed, misery-inflicting, pain-loving junkies like Schenck, Wenger and the ADF are NO Christians, not if the Christ they're referencing is the one in the New Testament

They'd have not only held Jesus down, they'd have placed the Crown of Thorns on his head, pound the nails through his wrists & feet and pierce Christ's side with the spear, mocking him all the while

The misery inflicters, the Modern Day Pharisees are losing their hold on political power, they know they can't stop it, they know they're on their way-properly so-to the rubbish heap of history

And they believe that by shrilly making everyone else's life a living hell, they can stave off their complete fall from grace for at least another hour, another month, another year

They're slipping on the edge of already unstable, overdrenched sand, and God's sending a rain of water and a flood of banana peels their way


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