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Monday, February 20, 2006

From the POV of a Dear Leader W basher, I'm always torn between laughing or cringing anytime the President opens his mouth, and once again, that's the case here

Bush: U.S. on Verge of Energy Breakthrough

While Bush is highlighting his budget proposals to help wean America from foreign oil, the lab he visited is meeting a $28 million shortfall by cutting its staff by 32 people, including eight researchers.

Amazing, with all the brain-power used to push Dear Leader W's Glorious Image at every possible opportunity, they couldn't come up with another location to push this issue, one where actual researchers weren't fired because of multi-million dollar shortfalls.

Of course, mocking the issue by NOT insisting on improved fuel mileage requirements, or by approving of huge tax breaks for gaz-guzzling SUV's probably won't add any legitimacy to a cause the Dear Leader is now pushing-and Heaven forfend anyone suggest that this issue is getting pushed because so many other of Dear Leader W's agendas just keep smacking him in the face politicially

Such As

Iraq is going fine & jim dandy, and thanks to Dear Leader W's overwhelming commitment to bringing "Freedom" to a long oppressed people, the Freedom of suicide bombers-so ruthlessly suppressed by Saddam Hussein-to liberate Iraqis and US troops of their lives, limbs and mental stability is now at a pace unenvisioned by even the most optimistic of Dear Leader W's retinue of neocon war planners

Deliberately sending US troops into battle without enough effective body & vehicle armor is the best way to show support of those same troops-along with cutting Veterans benefits at every possible opportunity with the end result bveing to permanently extend tax cuts which benefit only those already at the top of the economic ladder

Warrantless wiretapping & spying on US citizens is the best way to defeat al-Qaeda-well, other than actually finishing bin Laden & al-Qaeda off in Afghanistan would have been

Raping the environment at every opportunity is the best way to show responsible environmental stewardship

And with the next paragraph, just exactly what is this "new energy technology" that will "startle the American people"?

Better yet, why is this Administrative push limited to apparently only ONE "energy technology", can't this group contemplate multiple enregy technologies?

"Our nation is on the threshold of new energy technology that I think will startle the American people," Bush said. "We're on the edge of some amazing breakthroughs — breakthroughs all aimed at enhancing our national security and our economic security and the quality of life of the folks who live here in the United States."

Yes, I hear rickshaws & bicycles are quite the rage of promising ideas pushed by the more forward thinking energy experts in this Administration, and just the ticket to solve our energy problems

But instead of saying, "the quality of life of the folks who live here in the United States," couldn't he just say "US Citizens"?

Well, if you're Dear Leader W, the term "citizens" would imply a group with more legal rights & powers than terms like "folks" or "serfs" or "peasants"

Of course, Dear Leder W didn't stop there, here, truly, is a man of vision, a man committed to pushing the Big Plans and Large Agenda

Solar roofs

And yes, I find it amusing that President Jr seems to be unaware of the concept of Solar Panels, unless that's what he's mistaking for "Solar Roofs"

"Roof makers will one day be able to make a solar roof that protects you from the elements and at the same time, powers your house," Bush said. "The vision is this — that technology will become so efficient that you'll become a little power generator in your home, and if you don't use the energy you generate you'll be able to feed it back into the electricity grid."

How does the solar roof produce energy when it's cloudy, raining or snowing?

And more importantly, how does a person become "a little power generator in your home"?

Better yet, how will I, as a "little power generator", feed my energy from my body "back into the electricity grid"?

Oh dear God, the damage just never stops when Dear Leader W speaks

About anything


  • OK, I know this was only a tiny little blurb in your post, but you are so way over my head politically and intellectually most of the time that I have to snatch the little pieces I actually comprehend here and there and run with them!
    Here's my beef...
    The other day I was behind a motorcycle with a bumper sticker that said, "Draft SUV drivers first". Being in an SUV myself, I was highly offended. And now I see your remark about SUVs, and I wonder if it ever occured to all those who think SUVs are the root of all evil, that some of us actually have them because we NEED them? Does Mr. Motorcylce Man think I like the crappy gas mileage I get? Does he think I enjoy the poorer handling that comes with the larger size of my vehicle? Do I appreciate the rash of "Compact Car" parking stalls that are creeping up all over here? NO! Of course I don't! But 4 to 5 days of any given week I have to haul around 20 African drums and numerous instrument stands in order to go to places like retirement homes and grade schools to teach cultural music classes. Trust me, I would love a smaller car, but then I'd have to give up my music. Tell that to the 98 year old blind woman who, while still sitting on her walker this weekend softly played along on the drum we placed in front of her...the one who then told us it reminded her of her "PAPA" back in Austria who used to play a game and sing songs with her when she was a very little girl...the one who laughed and clapped so hard after playing that drum that her caregivers were shocked to see her so animated. Tell her she can't experience this joy anymore because the horrible, evil SUV driver I am was bullied into giving up the only means I have of transporting the drums.
    Yes, I would love the luxury of a second economical, fuel-efficient car. Or, better, yet, a hybrid technology SUV. But I'm in no position financially for either of those. In my case, downsizing would do so much more harm than good for many, many people in this community.
    I know, Kranky, that your comment didn't really merit this kind of rant, but I'm just really sick of people (not you! You're about as openminded as they come!)especially here in CA--thinking that they know what's best for everyone, and making small-minded, obtuse, blanket statements about total strangers like the motorcycle guy did. Wake up and open your minds, people! Things are quite frequently not what they seem!
    OK, I feel better now... In the words of my favorite reality TV host, "Carry On"...


    By Blogger KrankysSis, at 9:24 AM  

  • Rants are ALWAYS welcome here, whether or not they agree with my posts

    And there you go, having to bring in nuance and another perspective that I hadn't considered to the argument

    FAct is, my sister does GREAT work with her drumming, and I would never criticize her for this Administration's energy policies

    You rock sis, don't EVER stop, and feel free to rant away anytime

    By Blogger KingCranky II, at 9:37 AM  

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