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Sunday, February 19, 2006


There's a chance I've got this wrong, and if it's a tin hat foily thing, then I blew it as badly as both Dear Leader W & Rush Limbaugh in the two posts below

The simple explanation is that it's possible that the links page stays the same, but the info changes when someone else is nominated or approved, so Rapadas would either move up or down a number of pages

If checking this out-as I commented about it everywhere I could think of, I apologize for wasting anyone's time, but that naturally goes with saying that it's a mistake only-and I haven't made up my mind on that score yet

But how that would explain the altered google search results page itself I don't know


And the fucking links have been redirected AGAIN

For the whole story, go here

So now there's no doubt, someone is DEFINITELY redirecting links from this site

So THIS link does now NOT connect to who it's aimed at

Neither does THIS link go where it's supposed to

So, we'll do this again

HERE are the new links with the information about Leonardo Rapadas-currently serving as US Attorney for Guam and the Northern Marianas islands

Link 1

Link 2

And to whoever's pulling this attempted censorship

Fuck You, I'll just keep tracking down the right links everytime they're redirected

And the reason I won't stop with this is because the ONLY way to eliminate this embarrassing bullshit is to completely remove the info about Rapadas from the WHite House site itself

Which would be really funny if that happens while Rapadas is still serving at the US Attorney for Guam and the Northern Marianas islands


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