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Friday, February 10, 2006

I'm sure this happened with other Administrations, but this is such a drastic injustice that it needs to be screamed to the top of the heavens

Just what in the fuck has this country become, and how in the hell does ANYONE justify deporting a 2nd Grader-but without his parents?

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Seized With Heavy Hand at Border, for Paperwork Errors

One is a second grader in Manhattan. Over the protests of his American mother, immigration officials have been trying to deport him ever since he returned from a brief visit to his native Canada without the right visa....."I'm desperate," Emily Arroyo, the mother of the second grader, said last week, after prosecutors refused an immigration judge's suggestion that they drop the two-year-old deportation case against her son, José Arroyo Rodas. Instead, they demanded that she buy him a one-way ticket to Canada by next week....."I'm American — they're making me leave my country, too, because of course I'm not going to let him go alone," said Ms. Arroyo, a hairstylist raised in Guatemala, who calculates that she has spent $10,000 in legal fees trying in vain to fix José's paperwork problem. But on Wednesday, hours after this reporter asked United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials in Washington for comment about the case, an agency spokesman, Marc Raimondi, said that prosecutors reviewing the matter had found that it met the guidelines for prosecutorial discretion. "A dismissal recommendation to the immigration judge is planned," he said

Lovely, just so Goddamned fucking lovely, and I love the weaselly nature of that last sentence-If a dismissal recommendation is warranted and planned, why hasn't it been done before the reporter called?

Did the ICE NOT know the details in Arroyo Rodas' case until the reporter called up?

Lovely, just lovely that someone thinks this child is such a threat to the US that they require deportation

What was the kid's sin, coloring outside the lines, drawing stick figures with happy faces, spilling his milk at lunch?

Unfortunately, it appears only the Prosecutor can bring this hellish nightmare to an end-but that hasn't happened yet

In José Rodas's case, prosecutorial discretion may be the only way to cut through a tangle of law and circumstance — and as of last night, the boy's lawyer, Irwin Berowitz, said he had received no word of the government's change of heart. José cannot automatically derive American citizenship from his mother because she was reared in Guatemala, and his absent father is not American.....A petition to set the boy on the road to United States citizenship has been approved, but obstacles include a two-year processing backlog, his lawyer said. And as long as prosecutors remain opposed, an immigration judge has no authority to dismiss his deportation case.....At one hearing, Ms. Arroyo said, the judge had to take a break to regain her composure after she and José both started crying. "He kept saying," Ms. Arroyo recalled, " 'Mommy, I don't want to leave.' "

No excuses or caterwauling that tries to spin this in a positive way should be tolerated in the least, for God's sake, this is a real child, and how the Prosecutors haven't signed off on fixing their fiasco says far more about the threat they pose to families than almost anyone else they could condemn

When did this country go from being "The land of the free and the home of the brave" to "land of the scared and home of the eternally suspicious enough to see evil in a 2nd Grader"?

Do the fucking right thing already ICE, and stop this more stupid than usual situation over a 2nd grader.

Oh yeah, there are other more humiliating examples listed in the story, but this one really stood out for it's absoulte inanity



    By Blogger Mary, at 9:03 PM  

  • And too many Bush asskissers think everyone else needs to sacrifice their lives & wallets to enrich Dear Leader W-the most colossal flop at running his own businesses we've EVER had as President

    Of course us liberals suck ass, that's why Dear Leader W's blown all that "Political Capital" he supposedly "earned" on election night 2004, like the most horny of sailors with a fistful of cash, a one day shore leave and surrounded by the skankiest of whores

    So if you haven't yet done so, get your ChickenHawk ass over to Iraq, do it without any effective body & vehicle armor-except for that which you pay for yourself-and say not one word of how badly Rumsfelds running this fiasco

    Anyone who cheers a 2nd grader being deported is no better than any terrorist who's suicide bombs target & kill innocent civilians

    How's it feel knowing you & Usama are so likeminded?

    Here's a simple equation for a pathetic pinhead like yourself to learn

    President Jr=Usama bin Laden

    Both have no problems killing as many innocent people as possible, both hate the US Constitutions and the freedoms it guarantees and both pander to fringe loving theological thugs & bullies

    Of course, thanks to the MeatGrinder crusade W launched, he's also become the greatest recruiter al-Qaeda or any other terrorist group has ever had, perhaps the one true talent he's shown


    How's it feel knowing that the US public will NEVER again overwhelmingly back Dear Leader W in the same numbers as he had right after September 11?

    How does it feel knowing you're letting others do your thinking for you, and even better, how does a dutiful Bushbot like yourself ever believe you've got free will with your lips so firmly attached to W's worthless ass?

    I doubt you'll see this, because I doubt you'll be back, but hey, "Bring It On"

    Oh, I forgot

    Only draft-dodging, affirmative action receiving(Yale Legacy Pledge& recipient of a T.A.N.G. spot over 500 more qualified candidates),clearly incompetent hacks who freeze up and stays on vacation for 3 days after Katrina slammed the Gulf Coast are allowed to use that phrase, and all while safely esconced here on US Soil and surrounded by a phalanx of Secret Service Agents

    Your President DELIBERATELY sent US troops into battle without enough effective body & vehicle armor

    Spin that you fucking al-Qaeda reject

    By Blogger KingCranky II, at 10:39 AM  

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