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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Boy, I was pissed off yesterday with the Dems rolling & caving, but now I'm LIVID!

I'm almost sure now I'm being monitored from time to time, and my own blog-Which I've saved EVER entry from, is what I'm offering up here

The first inkling I had something might be up was with a bit of information I posted about originally here

I found both a google cache AND a link to the White House's own press releases about the date W announced the replacement for the US Attorney in Guam he demoted after launching an active investigation into Jack Abramoff

That date was Nov 19, 2002, when W announced both Frederick Black's demotion AND announcwed his replacement, Leonardo Rapadas

The original google cache was found here

And if the above address given is shortened via elipsis, check out the info in the address bar above, you'll see the name Leonardo Rapadas-This next part of the link is what may not show up except in the address window above


Now, hit the complete link above and see what name comes up, and even more absurdly, the name Leonardo Rapadas actually appears at the top of the now misdirected page with this text

These terms only appear in links pointing to this page: leonardo rapadas

Now, check out this next part for yourselves

The "Leonardo Rapadas" google cache link takes you to the page which shows this individuals information

Presidential Nomination
John Scott Redd
Position: Director of the National Counterterrorism Center
Status: Appointed
Date of Announcement: June 10, 2005
Date Nomination Sent to the Senate: June 30, 2005
Date of Confirmation by the Senate: July 28, 2005

Now, hit the links at the top of the "Leonardo Rapadas" google cache page, and watch how other names come up, names that start with the letter "R"

And notice how each link redirects to someone else whose last name starts with "R"

So, for the link at the very top of the page

You get information not about Leonardo Rapadas, but instead

David Michael Rappoport
Position: Trustee
Udall Scholarship/environmental Policy Foundation Board
Status: Pending
Date of Announcement: August 16, 2004
Date Nomination Sent to the Senate: January 24, 2005

And when you hit the next link, the actual White House site itself, the one that originally showed Leonardo Rapadas, you get the above information as well

So one google cache link is misdirected away from Rapadas and takes you, instead, to two different individuals if all the links on the google cache link are clicked

I wasn't aware of any of the redirects-other than to the google page that said the info I was looking for didn't match any search parameters until today

But not knowing about the multiple redirects at the time, I decided instead with my update

to link to the actual White House Press Release, and instead of getting the Leonardo Rapadas information-which CAN still be gotten to-more in a bit-THIS information came up instead

Marguerita Dianne Ragsdale
Position: Ambassador to Djibouti
US Ambassadors (147) Department of State
Status: Appointed
Date of Announcement: October 15, 2003
Date Nomination Sent to the Senate: October 15, 2003
Date of Confirmation by the Senate: December 9, 2003

The links that I used now all redirect away from the Leonardo Rapadas nomination and instead take you to other nominees whose last names start with "R"

So, as I stated on the entry, I have an exact copy of the White House page

So, since I KNOW someone's been changing information on the links I posted in this case, I decided to make this as much work as possible for this censorship loving, pinheaded Jackass

Here's how you find the information about Leonardo Rapadas-at the White House site no less-step by step

on any of the redirected pages, look at the top of the page for THIS line

Home > News & Policies > Nominations by Name

And hit the

"Nominations by Name" link

On This page

Bush Administration Nominations by Name

Read THIS line

Click on the last name to view nominations details.

And then hit the link


Which will take you to page with last names starting with "R",

Scroll down somewhat, and you'll find

Leonardo Matias Rapadas Guam
Leonardo Matias Rapadas Northern Marinara Islands

Hit the "Rapadas" link for both Guam

& Northern Mariana Islands,

and you'll get this info on both pages

Presidential Nomination
Leonardo Matias Rapadas
Position: Guam
US Attorneys (94) Department of Justice
Status: Appointed
Date of Announcement: November 19, 2002
Date Nomination Sent to the Senate: January 28, 2003
Date of Confirmation by the Senate: May 9, 2003


Presidential Nomination
Leonardo Matias Rapadas
Position: Northern Marinara Islands
US Attorneys (94) Department of Justice
Status: Appointed
Date of Announcement: November 19, 2002
Date Nomination Sent to the Senate: January 28, 2003
Date of Confirmation by the Senate: May 9, 2003

This absolutely amazes me, that someone's got enough time to monitor my barely read blog and then redirect pages away from the links I've found

I'm not scared I'm being monitored, I'm royally goddamned pissed off

Since that Google Cache was the first link that got misdirected, I guess that means they're not fighting W's Administration as hard as we'd been led to believe, although if this was done without Google's okay, then I'm more than willing to file a complaint-any suggestions

This is NOT hyperbole, there's no way these links all redirected themselves, and by God it's something everyone needs to get pissed off about as well

I said it in a previous post, and I'm saying it again even more forcefully now



  • Thank you for the insight.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:33 PM  

  • I'm not one bit surprised. This scandal is so widespread I'm afraid we will never get to the bottom of it. But it does seem very odd to me that they are bugging you.

    Please check out this article.

    By Anonymous Susan, at 6:54 PM  

  • was that you calling into cspan this am. someone had a similar story to yours. I couldnt hear that well because I was walking on the treadmill.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:52 AM  

  • Nope, I haven't called into C-SPAN since I disconnected my cable about 3 years ago

    By Blogger KingCranky II, at 9:23 PM  

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