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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The theologically extreme jackasses & jerkoffs that back W's Administration were all but doing victory laps around Washington DC with their latest anti-choice protest on the Roe Vs Wade Anniversary, and in the process show just how clearly deluded the more fanatical of their brethren obviously are

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The Misogynistic & Homophobic retards spew their vile hope in the guise of some very perverted "family values"

Ray Nagin and Franklin Graham have recently propounded that foul weather is a sign of God's wrath, so the cold rain and dark clouds over the annual March for Life yesterday might have been cause for concern. But antiabortion leaders took the gloom and damp as a different sort of sign. "I think it's God's way of cleansing the evil in the world," Rep. Jean Schmidt (R-Ohio) told the ebullient crowd of tens of thousands.

We all remember the cute & cuddly Jean Schmidt above, the Republican with a spine of stone who insulted veteran & lawmaker John Murtha's call for a complete Iraq withdrawal when practicable

My bad, instead of saying "spine of stone", I meant spine of overcooked pasta, as she caved within 15 minutes of her lively comments

Now, this is exuberance, but of the "I've got a great feeling about the lottery tonight since I have over 10 tickets" type

"This might be our last march!" exulted Steven Peroutka, chairman of the National Pro-Life Action Center, addressing a crowd of about 500 activists in the Russell Senate Office Building. "Our next march very well may be the March to Celebrate the Overturning of Roe v. Wade!" The crowd went nuts.

Or this might NOT be your last march, and it may not be celebrating the overturning of Roe v Wade

And right away, we run into yet another of the major theologically & willfully ignorant pious frauds & hypocrites this Administration attracts like flies to a fresh carcass

The Rev. Rob Schenk, president of the National Clergy Council, concurred. "If things continue as they are going right now," he told the gathering, sponsored by Sen. Mike DeWine (R-Ohio), "our greatest challenge will be to prepare for the post- Roe era!"

Fair enough, I would hope your "Greatest Challenge" includes brushing up on the part of the Bible you're obviously not familiar with-if you've ever even read past Leviticus, the New Testament, the part of the bible that deals with the deity YOU claim to follow

As it turns out, I've written about this particular fucktard before, and lets see just what kind of Christian Compassion he showed a group of families & friends who had undergone the most hellish of tragedies, a situation where they had steeled themselves for the worst, then had their hopes joyously raised & prayers seemingly answered before having that most exuberant & heartfelt of joy crushed brutally & publicly

First, one Christian extremist says that the families of the miners killed in West Virginia weren't holy enough on a regular basis when they prayed to God to keep their loved ones safe. The enormous cruelty of the "miscommunications" of resigned sorrow & grief swinging to the most joyous & ecstatic of miracles, of hope fulfilled and second chances granted. And then....... Due to understandably letting their defenses down-thanks to lack of sleep among other reasons-having that joy put through the most brutal of mental & emotional meatgrinders by hearing the real death toll of their loved ones in the Sago Mine, those families have undergone the most horrific of public experiences How many of us were absolutely thankful that wasn't us or any people we cared about, how many of us felt that very thankful layer of necessary detachment that let us both feel like we were kicked in the gut BUT without the mindnumbing, heartwrenching grief that strikes any survivors whose loved ones die the most public of deaths? Keep all that crushing, overwhelming & devastating grief in a West Virginia town in the front of your memory when reading this

Schenk's Stand For Family Values

Conservative Christian leader Rob Schenck of the National Clergy Council said yesterday that, although millions of prayers were being offered across the nation, he was struck by the irony of the situation, which he feels demonstrates a sad truth about America. "We often turn to God only when we feel like nothing else can be done," Schenck notes. "And, in the Bible, God rebuked nations who only turned to Him in their most extreme moments of need." But sadly, the Christian activist observes, "That has been our tradition in the United States. Whenever we find ourselves in a situation where we get to the end of our own resources, we turn to God." Schenck says it is ironic that a culture that tries to banish God from its existence seeks His intervention under circumstances like the tragedy that unfolded in West Virginia this week.

Nothing like saying people crushed by a brutal & public ordeal weren't holy enough for God to take pity on to show your true faith to Christ is there Schenky?

And now the bloviatings of a truly loathsome parasite fit in so perfectly here

"We must support the confirmation of Judge Alito and other jurists who will support a strict-constructionist view of the law and make it possible once and for all to end Roe v. Wade ," Rep. Mike Pence (R-Ind.), a leading House conservative, thundered.

I wrote about Overseer Pence before, he's real big on trying to help the rich by really sticking it to the poor

Which means once the child is born, Pence has never met a social safety net for the poor that he didn't like ripping to shread-except his taxpayer-funded social safety net of free medical care for himself and his family

Pence loves the fetus & hates the child

The ceremonies began with a "National Memorial for the Pre-Born" in the Russell Caucus Room, where marchers overflowed from the chairs and sat 12 deep along the wall. A Baptist choir sang "It's All About You, Jesus," for the worshipers, including the family of the late Terri Schiavo.

Bring in the family that ended up getting the GOP's fringe-rightwing bitchslapped so unmercifully last year, and tie it to the Pro/Anti choice debate, and only one word applies at the sheer genius of this move


Seems that if it really WAS "all about you, Jesus", the time, effort & money could have been spent actually improving the lives of poor, sick, foster & orphaned children, an agenda written about by a VERY wise, compassionate poster

Now we're getting into the real wingnut territory here

The Rev. Frank Pavone, the national director of Priests for Life, saw the movement's success as "a response to Jesus Christ, and it is confirmation that He, alone, is Lord." Pavone continued: "We don't have the Ark of the Covenant in 2006. We are the Ark of the Covenant."

Let's find out a little more about Rev "We ARE the Ark of the Covenant" Pavone
The Rev. Frank Pavone, head of Priests for Life, declared that no one who is pro-choice is fit to hold public office in America. Even though his group is tax exempt, Pavone promised it would influence the outcome of the November races. “Of course I’m trying to influence the election!” Pavone said. “This is what it means to be an American.” Pavone asserted that Roe v. Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court ruling that legalized abortion, ushered in an era like the Nazi Holocaust. “Why do we tolerate it in our nation?” he asked. A moment later, he likened supporting legal abortion to supporting terrorism.

Yeah, I know that Anti-Choice fanatics are always getting gunned down by extremist pro-choicers, right

Oh yeah, apparently, Pavone's an expert on marriage-being an unmarried Priest and all-and enthusiastically endorses This Catholic singles dating service

But the best, the crown jewel of wingnutty willfully ignorant drama queens, was provided by the obviously overwrought Rev James Nesbit
"It has been told by the prophets in the land that there is a president coming out of Texas, a Burning Bush," Nesbit prayed. "He will deal with abortion in the land. We ask you to give him an executive order and mantle him and give him a mandate with the fear of the Lord." The pastor took even the relocation of this year's march closer to the Capitol as an act of God, "a prophetic sign that this march has been moved seven blocks closer," saying: "We are closer to the end than ever before!"

I gues I'm a bad Christian, as I don't remember any mention of the US Capitol or an incoming antiabortion march towards said Capitol in the book of Revelations

Lameass stupid theological jerkoffs, I have no time for them or their Misery-Making Agenda


  • I LOVED IT ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT. Something of great interest though, christian wingnuts and pro-choice groups use the same argument when it comes to opposing open records. God I wish that they knew that. I also wish that they knew that closed records will cause more abortions. Ah something for the nuts to go nuts over

    By Blogger AMYADOPTEE, at 5:53 PM  

  • So my dear brother, I must ask you you feel this way about all persons of the pro-life/anti-abortion sentiment? Surely you understand that some of us believe the question isn't really "should abortion be legal?", but rather, "when does life begin?" For those of us who believe that life begins at conception, there is no choice but to oppose abortion. Doing otherwise would, according to our beliefs, make us advocates of murder. And you can give me the argument about not passing my beliefs onto others, but think about this... Suicide bombers don't believe what they do is murder. They believe they are fighting the good fight. Should that type of violence be allowed to continue because those perpetrating it don't see it as murder? Should I condone it, justifying it in my head with, "well, he doesn't believe he's murdering people, and I don't want to push my beliefs onto others, so I suppose it is OK for HIM to do it"?
    I believe life begins at conception. Therefore, I believe it comes down to a question of which right is more urgent--the right to make a choice about one's life, or the right to have a life in the first place!
    I don't know all the answers, but I do think it is important that other's views are heard. Not all who oppose abortion are crazy, extremist bigots. Some of us are educated, open-minded, liberal women (imagine that!) who've thought long and hard about our science, our Gods, our souls and our hearts while forming our own conclusions.

    Your Sis,


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:20 PM  

  • Thanks a lot Sis, I mean, "Anonymous"

    You have to go and buzzkill a perfectly good rant by using nuance & logic

    Actually, my gripes are aimed at those running the GOP at the national level, and the theological extremists like James Dobson, Fred Phelps, Sun Myung Moon

    As far as I'm concerned, they're nothing but bullies with the thinnest of skins, willfully ignorant jackasses whose only happiness derives from the level of misery they inflict on others, especially gays

    Unlike myself, and those I ebulliently bash, my sister "Anonymous" is actually Pro-Life. She's against the Death Penalty AND abortion (except in certain circumstances)

    I will NOT bash others because they voted for W

    I WILL bash others who wailed and gnashed their teeth during Bill Clinton's two terms, yet insist W is pure as the driven snow (the cold kind, not the snortin' kind)

    I will bash those supposedly "religious" folks who have never made it past the Old Testament, yet believe that condemning others is indeed "Christian" behavior

    We disagree here, but I could NEVER paint my sister with the same brush that I tarred with in this post, she's got way too much in the brains, talent, personality & compassion depts

    By Blogger KingCranky II, at 6:26 PM  

  • There's a lot of love in the room! Thanks for not bashing me!

    For the record, you and I agree politically probably 95% of the time. You are just much more passionate (and informed, for that matter!) than I am, and undoubtedly more adept at putting it all into words. I love your site, and think this is some of the best writing I've read!

    And by the way, what are little sisters for if not to be perpetual buzz-kills??? My work here is done!

    :) Jen

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:16 AM  

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