Royally Kranked

Thursday, February 16, 2006

God I hate any ad that uses soft guitar or piano music, they're so pretentious ALL of the time

So lately, there's one running for one of those ultra generic neighborhood restaurants, the type that do commercials centered around retiring, long-served coaches

In the bit that follows, see if you can figure out where the real commercial ends and my addition takes place

In this one, the diners are firefighters-an important difference as you'll see at the end-and they're good-naturedly laughing at the newbie, & their ritual bonding hazing

And in the midst of such good natured humiliation, a blond-haired tyke wanders up and says to the rookie

"Are you a REAL fireman?"

The noob looks taken aback, then replies

"You see any flames or smoke coming off me?"


"Then I'm not a fireman am I?"


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