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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Fuck You Arlen, You Spineless GOP Lackey

Specter strikes NSA deal

I used to like this guy, but he gives into the Administration EVERY SINGLE TIME

Hopefully, Arlen gets his worthless, traitorous ass kicked if he EVER runs for office again

Arlen now feels the same way Dear Leader does, that the vast majority of the US public are al-Qaeda sympathizers

Every single one of these jerkoff politicians who back this warrantless spying on purely domestic communications should be the FIRST to put every single detail of their lives-including the most intimate aspects-up for in-depth public display, that way we can all be assured that THEY'RE not working with al-Qaeda when it comes to attacking the US Constitution

Treasonous Bastards, that's what the GOP is made up of more & more


  • I'm not the least bit surprised. These guys have been drinking the kool-aid way to long. They can't be independent anymore. IMO it just shows that we cannot depend on any republican to do the right thing.

    By Anonymous Susan, at 4:59 PM  

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